Stylish Zoomla Folding Bike for Quick Around-Town Transportation

Zoomla is a concept bike designed to ensure better alternative for quick, portable and around-town transportation facility. The single-pivot design of this bike has given it quicker, easier and more intuitive fold than any other bike and the unique L-frame eliminates the usual steering tube. The handle is cleverly integrated on the handlebar to allow Zoomla to be rolled when its time to pack it away. The pedal deck uses a compact inner drive system rather than traditional crank and pedals. You can take this bike with you to class or a grocery store since it weighs 5 kilos only and the compact shape will let you store it in an average size school locker. Moreover, you can attach a backpack just below the seat to carry your required things in a stylish manner.

zoomla folding bike

zoomla folding bike

zoomla folding bike

zoomla folding bike

zoomla folding bike

Designer : Eric Stoddard

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Erzsibet says: July 4, 2009

This is something that I would be very interested in epsecially since I take the bus a lot. IT would be easy to have with me and not worry about anyone trying to steal it at the same time

shammai says: September 1, 2009

this is so kool

V says: November 15, 2009

Good for flat cities.

phembie says: April 9, 2010

how much this one,i like it

naser moghaddam says: February 22, 2011

How are you ?
I’m one of the Iranian merchants
I have a question:
If I want a container of Zoomla folding bikes
How much is Price ?
Thank You

Good luck

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