Flower Pot That Detects Your Plant Age

How many of you have ever thought about a flower pot that can show the exact age of a plant you are upbringing? This concept flower pot has been designed to count the age of your precious plant in an innovative way. This product is designed in two different colors with almost similar shape that includes a LED counting system. The display will show different ring shaped attribute for months, days and years through which the age of a plant can be counted. It comprises three conical shaped legs that allow the pot to stay stable on the ground.

flower pot detects plant age

flower pot detects plant age

flower pot detects plant age

flower pot detects plant age

Designer : Young Sang Eun

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One thought on “Flower Pot That Detects Your Plant Age

  1. Amazing!! flower pot which can detects plants age?? This is something where I stop my research for a while and after reading this post I can say that technology with greenery work can make green planet one day, appreciated.

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