Boil-up : Effortless and Healthy Way of Boiling

Submitted by Ozge Celebi, Boil-Up is a special appliance designed for boiling. You can read Celebi’s explanation below:

Boiling is one of the healthy ways of cooking that protects food’s nutritive values. Boiling improves quality, taste and color of the food and kills microorganisms, which are harmful for body. In addition; the left over boiling water has rich nutrition and it can be reuse various ways like making soup or watering plants.

Boil-up works with the principle of evaporation and condensation of the water under controlled pressure just like Moka Pot’s working principle. In Moka Pot’s working principle; the filter part of the Moka Pot is filled with fine grounded coffee and the lower part filled with water. At the moment the water boils, the water is pushed upwards (through small tube) and will pass through the coffee and further push upwards to end in the upper reservoir.

Designer : Ozge Celebi

Boil-Up by Ozge Celebi

Boil-Up by Ozge Celebi

Boil-up consists of five main parts, they are induction heating base, boiling unit, funnel, aroma chamber, boiled water storage. Boiling unit can be filled with water and food that you want to boil. At the moment the water boils, it pushes upwards and will pass to the upper reservoir. So food and water are separated from each other when the food is cooked. The induction technology is heated to the funnel surface so water warms evenly and that way the boiling time is shorter.

This cooking method provides quick cooking, energy efficiency, easy straining, tasty food and storing boiled water. In addition, you can aromatize the water in the upper reservoir if you put some spices in aroma chamber.

More images of Boil-Up:
Boil-Up by Ozge CelebiBoil-Up by Ozge CelebiBoil-Up by Ozge CelebiBoil-Up by Ozge CelebiBoil-Up by Ozge Celebi

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