Nissan Motivity 400C with Maglev System

Motivity 400C is a future car concept which is the latest creation of Nissan with brilliant visor and stunning functional features. This concept uses maglev’s engine system that has made it even powerful along with every tire that allows great control, functionality and style. The triangle shaped bode of this car reduces drag of air, therefore, this car provides superior acceleration and is able to save more power. Steering wheel of this design has been kept traditional so that the user can enjoy driving the car without any problem associated with unusual and newly designed wheels.

nissan motivity

nissan motivity

nissan motivity

nissan motivity

nissan motivity

Designer : Tryi Yeh

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One thought on “Nissan Motivity 400C with Maglev System

  1. Now this is my kinda Nissan, the new Z model.

    Id again Drive & Rent this & Own this.

    Mag Lev engine mode

    NO emissions, superfast.

    Add Knight Rider KITT dash & datalinks.

    Im IN

    Nissan BUILD THIS.

    For Production & Renting alone.

    Use in Iron Man 3?

    Transformers 4?

    Sci Fic Channel movie

    Auto shows

    Nice shape & very Aero.

    Way Cool.

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