Powered Electric Body Board to Have Fun with Water

Powered Body Board is an electric water board that surely will boost your fun of water activities. The industrial designer Kevin O’Doherty aimed the vast water enthusiast population who would like to enjoy surfing the sea as well as have the magnificent look underwater. The product is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery that can give the board a remarkable speed both on and under water. Solar panels are integrated into the board, this will allow for trickle charging during periods of non-use, extending the use of a single battery by 30%. The design allows adjusting the buoyancy for both wave riding and using as a submarine. The outcome of this project will surely become a well-accepted item for all range of people.

powered body board

powered body board

powered body board

powered body board

powered body board

Designer : Kevin O’Doherty

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stephen russell says: March 27, 2009

Love 2 rent this.

Major markets for:

HI, Med Sea, SW Pacific, PNG, Australia, Mexico, Caribbean, Red Sea, Thailand, NZ

& for PR on:

007 Movie use


Speed TV

Travel Channel


& Demo rides

& Id make one for 2 passengers too.

Other markets for:

Au Natural Tourisim Market

HI Australia PI Tourisim

Mexico Caribbean Tourisim




Convt Centers

Add to Yachts for guest use?

Near hotel beaches for Guest use

For Lifeguard Rescue??

Rick says: April 16, 2009

When does this come out? where can i find it? And how much is it expected to cost?

Judge says: May 4, 2010

a much better and confortable version already exists. youve wasted your time making this

adam says: July 15, 2010

where can i get one

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