BMW Snug is A Simple and Fun Car for People Who Appreciate The Values of Community

BMW Snug is a concept design of a car that makes community. This brilliant design by David Raffai, an expert automotive designer, tried to recover the values of community from this car that are slowly vanishing away from the current corporate world. This thesis project has been done in association with the BMW group and the outcome is undoubtedly a simple and fun product specially designed for people who realize personal relationships and are different from others in their feelings and opinions. The most remarkable achievement of this project is the BMW commission highly appreciated the project.

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

David Raffai words :
In the future metropolis, which will be more and more chaotic, confusing, grey and polluted, we risk becoming automatons, slaves to money and personal success: not accepting the intrinsic naturalism of the human being; ready, instead, for selection and competition, forgetting about individual diversity and the respect of pure ideas, which separate us from cold, mechanic industrialization. Escape, via art, from the objective conception of things, choosing instead authentic, non-contaminated expression.

SNUG is a concept which aims to create a sense of community: a simple, fun object, designed for people who appreciate personal relationships, people who are different from the others, in their opinions and in their feelings. This multiplicity of emotions gives birth to an intention of self-expression able to make well-being and happiness blossom, trying to recover the values which are otherwise slowly vanishing in our world.

Some technical parameters:
– 4 seater interior which can be used as a living room
– changeable graphics on the side to be more unique
– fuel cell

The form concept was based on paper waves which are covering a central cell, where the interior can be found.

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

bmw snug car

Designer : David Raffai

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3 thoughts on “BMW Snug is A Simple and Fun Car for People Who Appreciate The Values of Community

  1. After viewing the comments on the autoblog website, it's clear why these concepts never get past concept stage. People all act like jerks and say "IT'S UGLY, IT'S STUPID, WE AREN'T READY FOR THIS YET". People are so close minded to the idea of change. It's pathetic, and if it dominates, we won't see much change in the car designs for awhile. I hate my fellow human sometimes.

  2. I agree with you my friend.

    People don't like change.

    They still want to live in the past.

    If only they were more open minded, we'd have those kind of cars in highways right now.

  3. Id drive this Bimmer.

    Besides I adore BMWs:

    740 serial from movie Transporter 1,

    640, 530, 330 models with AT

    & AMG models.


    (darn Maint & insurance fees).

    Im Gone

    Love the 740iL (told its like a tank)

    I hope in strength & not gas guzzling rate.

    BMW Build this.


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