River Roller Concept Boat by Matthew Lee Towne

The River Roller rocks and it rolls! The goal of this concept is to create a boat propulsion system that will effectively regenerate energy. The potential is much more.

The River Roller is a solar charged, electrically driven, transversely mounted pontoon/paddlewheel boat. The River Roller replaces a hull with transversely mounted paddlewheel pontoons. Lets call them trantoons for short. The trantoons are the hull, steering and water traction for the boat. The trantoons roll through the water allowing the boat to be quick, efficient and versatile.

Designer : Matthew Lee Towne

River Roller Concept Boat by Matthew Lee Towne

River Roller Concept Boat by Matthew Lee Towne

There’s no boat cover, a retractable solar panel would charge the batteries and cover the boat when not in use. The addition of road tires and a tow bar could eliminate the need for a trailer. This boat doesn’t need any fuel, it uses solar and water energy to charge its battery. You can always install a generator to reduce range anxiety, it can also charge the batteries while towing. Since there’s no ramp rage, you could drive the boat to your truck then hitch up.

Just drive this boat up on shore and park it there, no need for dock or boatlift. This boat is capable to pull itself across the water, you don’t need to push it through.

River Roller Concept Boat by Matthew Lee Towne

What you can expect from River Roller Concept Boat:

1. Quick AND Fast. Electric power is instantaneous. The trantoons will deliver all this power like no other water traction system. Quick. The high RPM potential of electric motors will allow high speeds. Fast.

2. Stabile. The addition of an active suspension will add stability at high speeds and minimize wave effects. Ok, so technically, the River Roller won’t rock.

3. Versatile. The ability to traverse any depth of water, snow, ice and rapids?

4. Maneuverable. With skid steer traction it will turn in place.

5. Quiet. Luxury, military, law enforcement and hunting applications are possible.

6. Safer. Rolling across the water means less risk to life. The River Roller will harmlessly roll over whatever (or whoever) it encounters.

7. Environmentally friendly. We all know electric vehicles are good for the environment. The River Roller may never need to be fueled. Solar and water current charging may be enough for many boaters.

8. Easy on your electric bills. The solar bimini could provide power for your home. Lets face it, boats spend most of their time just sitting there. How about a hole in the water that money pours out of?

9. A battery backup. The River Roller could be battery backup for your home.

10. Unsinkable? No, but better than most. Just a few intact trantoons will keep it afloat.

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