Parachute Shelter Provides Immediate Relief Aid and A Shelter to Hard-to-Reach Locations

After natural disaster struck, immediate actions are needed to provide temporary shelters for homeless victims. However, there are victims located in difficult-to-reach locations which make it impossible to bring necessary aid delivered and distributed in short period of time. Parachute shelter design tries to answer this problem by providing a dual-use parachute.

Why parachutes? Well, it makes sense that usually after natural disaster, the roads and other infrastructure are damaged which prevent rapid provision of shelter and aid materials to the victims. Using Parachute Shelter, it would be possible to deliver and distribute immediate relief aid and a shelter at the same time.

Designers : Kim Seok-woo, Kwon Do-hyuk, Seo Dong-han, Lee Bum-ho and In Sung-hoon

Parachute Shelter

Inspired by the structure of umbrellas, this Parachute Shelter features folding frames that opens when the parachute is dropped from the small aircraft. This innovative frames design allows the parachute to be used as a temporary shelter on the ground while the box carried by the parachute contains emergency medical supplies, water, food, blanket, or clothing.

Parachute Shelter

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Stephen Russell says: February 17, 2012

Test system in Haiti, DR, Bangladesh, Mexico, & in the US post hurricane alone
Must Mass produce this, must have worldwide.

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