Digilog Watch : A Unisex Watch That Was Inspired by Yin and Yang Philosophy

Digilog Watch was inspired by Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang that represents “dark and light” or “sun and moon” or “male and female”. True to its inspiration, it’s a unisex watch where the time is shown in analog way using digital display. You won’t see any number as this watch displays the time using dark and light area for the hours with a dot for the minutes. We love how this design differentiates AM and PM by utilizing the dark/light area movement, clever.

Designer : Nazuk Keshan (Lifestyle Accessory Designer from NID, National Institute of Design, India)

Digilog Watch by Nazuk Keshan

“Digilog watch is capable of showing time according to the daylight, if its 12am, its midnight and pitch dark outside, in the watch it will be displayed as full dial covered with black pixels, and as the day progresses, so will it in the watch.

It will follow the same principle, and will be full white when its 12pm, and as the day will progress into night, so will the progression in the black pixel translate into time. For reading the minutes, there is a single pixel which moves along.” — Nazuk Keshan

Digilog Watch by Nazuk Keshan

Digilog Watch by Nazuk Keshan

Digilog Watch by Nazuk Keshan

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4 thoughts on “Digilog Watch : A Unisex Watch That Was Inspired by Yin and Yang Philosophy

  1. The Concept is great, simple yet effective, and one can actually relate to. Would also love to see this Dial explored in different straps wrt materials. color etc.
    Altogether Good Job…..!

  2. The concept is novel in terms visualizing time in . my only concern is the learning curve associated with counting the exact minutes; except for the quarter minutes. It would take some time to actually read the minutes quick and correct. Apart from that all of the ideas implemented makes the product unique and cherished. Cool design..

  3. i found it really trendy and fun concept! i was wondering if there could be a ying and yang element in the strap too….
    like half black n half chrome? best wishes for the success of you fabulous product!

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