OOPHAGA Modern and Stylish Recumbent Trike

This modern and fresh urban vehicle design called OOPHAGA comes with endless customization options. Designed by Milos Todorovic, this recumbent trike has desirable look to fulfill the needs of stylish and cool vehicle in our urban society. The chassi...
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Weezy Is A Great Gadget Complement To Your Existing Music System

Weezy is a stereo system gadget designed by Italian industrial designer. It allows you to listen to music stored in your mobile devices directly through your stereo using bluetooth connection. Plug Weezy in your stereo system, it will find bluetooth ...
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Cyclus Recharges Your Daily Portable Gadgets Anytime Anywhere

These days, it's really hard to survive without our electrical devices. For me, I couldn't live without my cell phone, laptop, and ipod. One fundamental problem with our dependence to those electronic gadgets is the power supply. Cyclus is the soluti...
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G-Stroller Is A Combination of A Stroller, A Baby Bed, and A Baby Tub

Multifunction baby stroller is a dream stroller for all parents. G-Stroller serves as a stroller, baby bed, and baby tub. It is designed as collapsible stroller for easy storage and portability. The baby bed can act as a baby hammock or you can use i...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family

Kylix : A New Design To Replace Traditional Coffee Cup

Kylix is a new design of drinking cup in order to replace the traditional coffee cup with a tiny ear-handle. This new drinking cup can be said as 3in1 cup. It has been designed with a hollow at the bottom that fits securely on top of a serving plate,...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink

Transformable Earphones For Different Situations In Your Daily Life

One earphones to rule them all. These cord-adjustable earphones provide you different shapes and styles for different situations, from every day life to sports. You can choose to use regular earphones type or the earring type, it's transformable with...
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“Bird In Hand” Light by J.P.Meulendijks Design Studio

Do you remember when you were little and making shadows on the wall using your hands to create birds, rabbits, or any other figures? I do. The minute I saw this light, that memory came across my mind. This "Bird In Hand" light is based on and tribute...
Posted in » Green, Interior Design, Lights

Product Review : Abyss Watch Shows Time Like A Glittering Nighttime Sky

At the very moment the Abyss watch arrived, the white box package gave me a positive feel about it which got enhanced by revealing the even more appealing black leather covered gift box. When I completely unpacked the watch, I saw this stylish, innov...
Posted in » Fashion, Product Reviews, Watches

ReCycle Me Is A Foldable Bicycle Made Of Recyclable Moulded Plastic

ReCycle Me is an eco friendly plastic city bike by Omer Sagiv. It is made of recyclable moulded plastic to reduce its negative impact to the environment. It is equipped with a dynamo to power the lights. It has integrated seat suspension. You can eas...
Posted in » Bike, Folding Bike

40 Years From Now, We Might Drive 2F2 Electric Vehicle

In the years to come, technology will take us to a level that become difficult to predict or think about at present. Nevertheless, there are designers who every now and then come up with a vehicle that seems fit enough in the future scenario. Here is...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Izmir Opera House by Nuvist Architecture and Design

This futuristic architecture design is a work of art by Nuvist Architecture and Design for Izmir Opera House competition. They have to design an Opera House that reflects as an art center building, yet still play its role as a participant in the soci...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

You Can Build Campfire With Coze Ambient Heat Cooker In Your House

Coze is an electric ambient heat cooker inspired by the outdoor campfire. It is designed to make you experience the same feeling of having outdoor campfire, indoor. Campfire is an activity of a cross cultural symbol that promotes social interaction a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Citroën Lacoste Concept Is Your Stylish and Fashionable Future Transportation

Citroën and Lacoste have worked together to create stylish, funky, and creative transportation. Citroën Lacoste Concept is a unique car design as the result of two big names sharing the same vision. Lacoste, a famous French clothing brand has added...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

Future Self Serving Banking (ATM) by IDEO

The future of self serving banking is not about fully automated robotic teller. We know that modern ATM machines offer a wide range of banking transaction, but it's not enough. Perhaps the future of self serving banking is about humanized the machine...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Information

E-True 3W Vehicle by Ricardo Fedrizzi

E-True 3W vehicle is perfect for young and stylish people. The objective behind this design was to develop a lightweight and compact one person electric vehicle. It seems that Ricardo Fedrizzi, the designer of this vehicle has nailed it. This cool lo...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

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