Trigon Personal Electric Vehicle Features Simplicity with Ultimate Efficiency

The Trigon personal electric vehicle concept features practicality, usage convenience, excellent aesthetics and unique simplicity to make it a perfect ride for today and the near future. This vehicle is extremely energy efficient by being lightweight and has been designed for one person riding. The three wheel design is powered by a couple of electric wheel motors and creates a triangular footprint with maximum functionality. The compact ergonomic design of trigon will ensure more space efficien...
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VESNA-An Electric Car with Natural Composite Body Offers Extraordinary Driving

The innovative single seater VESNA electric car concept features a unique body of natural one-piece resin composite with integrated wiring, which not only makes it extraordinary from the construction perspective, but also gives a brilliant outlook. Thus, different materials can be used of different colors to make the body or arranging different ways of wiring to give it a more natural effect. The two front driving wheels contain an offset center of rotation and affixed with a reinforced rubber b...
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Dynamic Domicile Mobile Home Features Utmost Fun and Functionality

The Dynamic Domicile or DD is an innovative mobile home concept specially designed with exciting mobility, habitable flexibility and futuristic design to eliminate the user’s negative connotations that they often experience with existing mobile homes. The design comprises four key ideas; futuristic architectural design for next generation use, implementing avant-grade materials in a non-conventional way, re-imagining a functional transport infrastructure and a dynamic transforming flexibility....
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Notput Music Table Provides a Fun and Interesting Music Producing Experience

The interactive Notput music table with tangible notes offers a classical way of learning music for users in an easy and interesting procedure by combining three senses; hearing, touch and sight. All the basic note values, clefs and accidentals have been designed as a single wood element and whole, half, quarter and eighth notes have been differentiated by their form and weight. The Notput features two modes, the standard mode allows the user to place notes on the table randomly and explore rela...
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STER UV Water Sterilizer Features a Simple, Convenient and Efficient Way of Water Sterilization

The innovative STER UV water sterilization concept has been designed for fast, simple, compact and intuitive water purifying to ensure a clean and healthy kitchen environment. The concept comprises a thin and lightweight UV light stir stick along with an induction charger that purifies drinking water directly in a pitcher, glass or other water container quickly and easily. The induction charger doesn’t require replacement of batteries or contains no heat production or moving parts, making it a...
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Plant Perf Can Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh after Harvesting

The innovative plant perf concept aims to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers which eliminate using chemicals that are harmful for health. The plants are get attached with the device right after being cut from the field to get the nutrients from the perf. The body of the device is made from corn starch plastic and features three main parts, the main body, bottle top and nutritious liquid. The long top end of the bottle remains locked when the farmer collects it and during harves...
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Coaster Gives Thrilling Movements To The Rider With Separated Driver’s Cab

The coaster futuristic car concept has been designed to be an entertaining ride for the users with various thrilling activity. The driver’s cabin of the car has been envisioned to be separate which gives the driver a feel of safety and enhances their confidence during driving. Also, it provides enough space to have the freedom of driving while enjoying the outside views from the transparent driver’s cab. With every move of the car, the users will have thrilling movements too, making it an ex...
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The Eye Mobile Phone-A Great Combination of Fun and Functionality

The Eye is an innovative, slim and ultra-lightweight cellphone concept that features a see thru LCD touchscreen with various amazing functionalities. Aside from making calls and watching movies, the intuitive transparent screen enhances the GPS function with follow arrow through the transparent display to your desired destination. By utilizing next generation connectivity, it allows the user to take a picture of a building, product or person in real view through the clear glass and search on net...
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Callaway Mobile Fusion-An Innovative and Extraordinary Golf Buggy

The Callaway mobile fusion is an innovative golf buggy concept that features unique and convenient functionality for the golfers to carry their stuffs with stylish visibility. The alloy handle is molded with TPE rubber that enables comfortable grip, while the alloy made main frame ensures durability. The wheels and rim features hub assembly with carbon fiber capping which ensures uninterrupted performance. Aside from being lightweight, the foldable feature of Callaway enables it to fit even in t...
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The SV1 Futuristic Car Provides Fun and Stylish Urban Commuting

The three wheeled SV1 concept car aims to provide excellent urban commuting with fun and playful style, and incorporates various environmental factors and social impacts. This two-seater, compact car has been designed to be driven by the single real wheel and the steering function is controlled via the front wheels. Aside from reducing weight, this three wheel layout ensures efficient stability and power. The polycarbonate made panels of SV1 aids to the environment, also, it help in absorbing li...
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Forms Reflects the Change of the Future World

The Forms is a futuristic car concept that incorporates the change of future world into its shape to make it sustainable from different aspects. This single seater car features a sleek metallic surface with glossy finish on an extraordinarily designed body that will generate strong appeal on the users. The traditional front side of the car drastically conflicts the unique conic rear portion that covers the rear wheel too, giving it a look like heat sinks. The car has a close to the ground height...
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Prix ARS Electronica Presents ARS Electronica International Competition for CyberArts 2010

Prix ARS Electronica is serving as an interdisciplinary platform for designers since 1987 and like every year, they have launched the ARS Electonica international competition for cyberarts 2010 with a view to honor innovative and uniquely promising ideas and to support their further development process. This year, they are seeking projects that focus on improved ways of using three key important areas of mankind’s future: mobility, energy and access. This competition surely will contribute wit...
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Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

The Tamtam flash is an innovative concept that has been designed to function like a local to aid tourists finding a place and typical things of the place that they would like to see. The Tamtam looks like a compact and pocketable traditional flash light that projects navigation information of the desired way of the user to make them feel secured in an unknown foreign environment by generating an immediate and intuitive way of path finding. Moreover, it features a zoom-able and scrollable digital...
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iCup Provides a Cup of Hot Drink Anytime, Anywhere

iCup is an innovative concept specially designed for Apple that can heat up any drink inside the cup by connecting it with the user’s notebook, as well as any device that supports USB connection, via a USB cable anywhere. The key goal of the project is to ease life with more manageable features that ensure uninterrupted working opportunity, doesn’t matter the user goes to the park, library or working in the office. The featured Apple logo of the cup is actually a heat indicator that shows th...
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The Bluetrain Car-Envisioned to Rule the Future Streets with Ultimate Luxury

The Speed 12 Bluetrain Special concept car has been designed to become an ultimate street luxury in near future by utilizing an art of craftsmanship. This amazing car with a unique appearance features a combination of hand shaped aluminum and machine stamped sheetmetal in order to make it an inseparable part of the future luxury car collection. The ergonomically shaped cutting-edge body with glossy finish, the car contains innovatively placed and stylishly shaped illuminating headlight and brigh...
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