Mosquito E-Bike with Removable Pole and Ergonomic Design

The Mosquito is a lightweight and attractive concept bike that is designed to get around within the city in a whole new way. This E-bike features electric motor which is powered by lithium batteries which can be charged fully for only 50p. Once charged fully, the Mosquito can run about 60 km at a top speed of 50 km/h. The bike features a removable center pole that has made the ergonomic design of the bike even easier to get onto it without affecting the stats and handling of the bike. The frame ...
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LaCie Desktop and Portable Hard Drive by Philippe Starck

The LaCie portable hard drive with its brushed aluminum wrapping and mirror-polished chrome finish has attained the solid look and performance even for rough handling. The designers have given it a brilliant touch of elegance which can be revealed through its status LED light that glows in orange color with the signature “+” of the manufacturer. By simply touching the chrome surface will launch an application or trigger a shortcut followed by turning the orange light into green. If you ho...
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Vestige Car Design Proposal with Sleek Metallic White Body and Black Tinted Roof for Aston Martin

Vestige is car design proposal for Aston Martin with representative scarab wings, cooperatively driven by Fincato, Magrini and Bernardi, keeping the design similar with Khepri, the Egyptian God. The unique cutting edge outlook of the car will get added attention of people with its superb combination of sleek metallic white body along with black tinted roof along with windows. Besides, the extraordinary rims are another highlighted feature that is worth noticing during the first look. This concep...
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Twizy Z.E. Concept Brings A Fresh New Approach To Urban Mobility

Twizy Z.E. is an innovative all electric concept means of transportation that is designed for future urban mobility with four-wheel chassis, offering the passenger and driver seated one behind the other. This can concept is helping the environment by producing no CO2 emissions and assisting the users to juggle the daily city traffic with speed, efficiency and simplicity. The ultra-compact car is only 2.3m long and 1.13m wide, ensuring great convenience for busy urban use. For its occupants, t...
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LFrit Toaster Design with 3 Levels of Toast Through A Simple Button

The LFrit Toaster is an innovative kitchen appliance design that allows the user three levels of toast through a simple button interface. Pressing the button once will set the toaster to the lightest level; pressing trice will let you have the darkest level. Pressing the button fourth time will reset the toasted back to its initial level. With the compact and attractive outlook, anyone will like to see the toasts traveling into ifrit and a transmitter mechanism takes it right to your bread plate...
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Clam OLED Lamp by Johanna Schoemaker

The Calm Lamp is a futuristic lamp concept that features OLED lights, creating pleasant light like daylight. According to the user’s need, it can be programmed dynamically to offer different lighting conditions. Also, the OLED technology has made the light able to change its color, intensity, directions and wandering shadows to make the indoor artificial lighting into a more natural one. Aside from switching it on through the main light switch, this unique and innovative development can be con...
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TickTack Music Watch by Apostol Tnokovski

For teenagers, an MP3 player can’t be more alluring other than the TicTac, a wrist watch with built-in MP3 player along with a touch sensitive and easy to manipulate display. The display of time can be customized to show both analog and digital time and can also be programmed to show the name of the song it is playing in the moment or its artist’s name. It features touch buttons for play, stop, pause, next and prv at the bottom of the display and two touch scrolls on both sides for adjusting...
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E-Ball PC Concept by Apostol Tnokovski

The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you...
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Robot Harvester Design For Gathering Rubbish from Shopping Centers

The Robot Harvester is a self driven robot concept that has been designed to gather rubbish from shopping centers and street territories, and put them to the right place for disposal. Not only the small rubbishes, the Robot can gather big rubbishes as well using manipulators. It features two web cameras and sensors to detect length of an element which will help it to estimate the territory and locate the place where the rubbish is awaiting to be picked. The scope of small rubbishes is created th...
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Repeat Tool for Autistic Children by Jesse Resnick

Repeat is a regulatory tool concept for autistic children specially designed to reinstate repetitive behaviors like head banging, arm flapping, etc with a less harmful and less distracting alternative. The prototype modeling or casting has been done with double layer of silicon embedded with LEDs. The soft and stretchy surface of Repeat can be tugged on, rubbed, squeezed, or bitten, instead of dangerous repetitive behavior like head banging. The students can use the wristband on prefixed time in...
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Cone Torch Speaker Design from Mintpass

Inspired from the Cone Torch that was designed to light up around the guests in a dinner party, Mint Speaker is a conical shaped speaker concept that will attain everyone’s attraction. This sensual item offers comprehensive portability, allowing the user to take it with them when going to the beach, enjoying the sunlight lying on a beach towel. The built-in music player is easy to operate and can produce good quality of music. This would be an unavoidable vacation gadget for those who really l...
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O2 Air Purifier Increases Oxygen Level in Your Room

O2 is a smart and innovative air purifier concept that incorporates plants with the air cleaning process. The procedure is simple, put the plant pot on O2, water it and leave it under sunlight in your living room. The device will collect water-drops and tempt the plant to steam more. Actually, the system is able to quicken the plant’s transportation process which will lead to generate more oxygen. The increased level of oxygen will purify the inside environment and let you keep a healthy condi...
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Luxury Harizon Yacht by Barnaby Heseltine

The Horizon Yacht concept is an outcome of careful research, contemporary innovations and a whole new approach to design super-yachts aiming more adventurous but family oriented users. The SkySail is its only power provider which ensures continuous traveling all over the world without stopping for fuel. This feature is quite unique considering the reliance on power source to be refueled after every 4000nm or so for upkeeping the luxury apparatuses of other conventional yachts. The hulls have bee...
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Luxury Le Rituel Champagne Box Set

Piper Heidsieck, the well-known champagne maker has worked together with expert show maker Christian Louboutin, and has crafted a great box set that can tempt all range of buyers. The inspiration of the creation was a ritual that has a long tradition since 1880’s and will be available exclusively through Colette on or after October 26th. The set contains a nicely decorated bottle of champagne and a stylish glass shoe that has been designed with an exact match with the design of the bottle. ...
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Mytho : Innovative Transportation for Better Urban Commuting in The Future

Mytho is an innovative and interesting private and public transportation idea focused on creating a better urban commuting for future. The design of this car is inspired mainly by all the iconic and traditional figures of SF. The very “American” design has a perfect touch of elegance and sophistication with a deep black and shiny silver color combination and a unique appearance from both front and rear end. The lightweight construction of Mytho has been achieved through using recyclable mate...
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