DynaX Boombox Is Not Your Traditional Boombox

DynaX tried to redesign the traditional boombox with fresh form and function. Unlike traditional boombox which has boxy form with its 2 large speakers and big handle, DynaX has been designed to make it easier to be carried around. The name DynaX itse...
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Leica i9 Concept for iPhone4 by Black Design Associates

With the philosophy of “Compliment without Compromise”, Black Design Associates designed Leica i9 Concept Camera for Apple iPhone4. Leica i9 concept provides you the same brilliant Leica’s professional CMOS image sensor and lens except with spe...
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Self-Balancing Scooter by Wei Chengyuan

A chief industry designer of INNO Company joined with the development team to develop an inventive self-balancing Scooter. The electricity-powered scooter is different from Segway and holds its patented technology. It makes use of only 2 gyros in ord...
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Flux : Portable Snow Melting and Walter Filtration

Hugo Busbridge is an industrial designer whose primary goal is to bring inspiration and design skills to drive originality in design forwards, motivating students to think about products ahead of the physical outcome. With a zeal to pursuer his carri...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Sports, Travel

CapsulePot : Your Mini Garden In a Capsule

The desire to grow herbs at home is increasing these days. This activity offers a substantial amount of convenience to hobbyist gardeners as well. However, growing and maintaining herb gardens at home is not an easy task, especially if you have no pr...
Posted in » Green, Home And Kitchen

Ziiiro Watch : Aurora and Orbit

ZIIIRO just launched 2 new models recently, Aurora and Orbit. The ZIIIRO Orbit displays time by employing 2 planets, the colored orb symbolizing the hour, while the white orb displays the minute. The Orbit, resting over a bracelet strap combines sili...
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FlyNano Brings Fun of Flying To Everyone!

The FlyNano single-seat flyer is now up in the air. It will be set up officially at Aero 2011 at Friedrichshafen, Germany starting from April 13 to 16. Aero is Europe’s leading aviation event. It comes in three variants including the electrically p...
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Modern Wheelchair Design by Facundo Elias

Many designers are trying to come up with unique next generation wheelchair concept in order to fall back on conventional materials and technology. The newest wheelchair design concept by Facundo Elias is worth appreciating. In terms of its overall d...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical, Wheelchairs

Logma Small Car Design With Lambo Style Doors

Logma is a small car design with 2 doors in Lambo style. According to Dr Hussien Al Jammazi, the word Logma itself means the small piece of food. The body is constructed from carbon fiber, the electric engines are installed on the front wheels. The s...
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Urbanears Bagis Earphones Snap Together Like Legos

Don’t like it when your earphones dangle around your neck? Well, Urbanears can help you with that. Its brand new Bagis earphones offer the ear pieces that can snap together to wrap around your neck while not in use. Simple design yet clever. These ...
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Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad2 by Zagg

ZAGG’s patent-pending, highly appreciated protective keyboard case design offers an additional measure of handiness and style. Its aesthetically appealing look will never let you go without it anywhere. Just go ahead from FaceTime to email time in ...
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KOR Vida Hydration Vessel Review

About KOR Vida Hydration Vessel – Wow, we just love the sturdiness and beauty of steels. To be frank enough, we became big aficionados of Kor’s ultramodern looking water bottles or vessels, as the company calls them, primarily because it is coole...
Posted in » Food and Drink, Product Reviews

Modern Tea Set by Kochurov Evgenii

Tea Set designed by Evgenii Kochurov was developed based on the mission in the Urals State Academy Architecture and Arts. Well, the tea set features 3 items including 2 cups interconnected plus a kettle. The principal idea of this job is to create a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Teardrop Shaped Futuristic Kalisto Electric Personal Vehicle

Be it style or comfort, the Kalisto meets your daily needs. Few aspects such as easy access, dexterity, minimal maintenance combined with hyper stylish look makes Kalisto the ideal choice for contemporary city commuters. Kalisto has been designed for...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Futuristic Car, Transportation

Risot Decorative Wall Panel by Massimo Battaglia

Risot is a decorative wall panel, ideal for embellishing any home wall. Ad Maiora Milano will present Risot, a system of standard panels at the Terme di Milano. Besides serving as an ornamental wall panel, Risot can be used as a perfect support for c...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Interior Design

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