The G1 Billiard Table Can Offer Unique Transparent Playing Experience

The ultramodern G1 billiard table with its stylish outlook and innovative patented technology can offer a groundbreaking pool experience to all range of people. The transparent playing surface is made of a toughened 15mm flat glass top which is 4 to 6 times stronger than regular glass. The Vitrik playing surface imitates rolling resistance of a regular-speed cloth, which is hard wearing and allows spin to be applied and keeps constant rolling features over its lifetime. The ball return system ma...
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Breathe Offers Soil-Free Harvesting Right Inside Your Residence

The aeroponic garden concept “Breathe” has eliminated the need of soil to harvest plants and herbs all through the year inside the user’s residence. This innovative vegetation system comprises misters under the structure that fed water and nutrients to the plants through their root. Aside from allowing a non-soil environment for growing fresh vegetables, it offers periodical water flow to the plants which will give additional tranquility to the user. This concept garden features a plug to ...
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World Class Visitor’s Center at Suncheo Wetland

The Suncheo wetland of Korea features the 5th largest tidal flat of the world where Gansam Architects G.lab has taken an innovative initiative to build a world class visitors center, aiming to protect and enhance the wetland. This minimally invasive project has been designed to go with the ebb and flow of the river tides. The 3,500 hectare wetland contains shallow salt marshes and over 25 types of threatened species and is important for its ecological attributes, production of fish, mollusks and...
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Stunning Asus Waveface Laptops Will Drive You Crazy

These concept laptops by Asus have been designed with lots of innovative features to dominate the headlines over the near future era. These next generation gadgets can attain the attention of all range of users with their unique shape and functional qualities. The Waveface watchphone with its bendable feature can stick on the wrist of the users to offer convenient access to their important documents. The Waveface Light is another innovative laptop concept with flexible display that can be flatte...
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The Ultra-Light Mosquito Helicopter Can Go Through Even Caves

The ultra-lightweight mosquito helicopter concept has been designed for army to commute through difficult terrains like canyons, forests and even caves. This flying object is empowered with four GEMINI technology based powerful electric motor and contains carbon nanotube super-capacitors that provides the energy to run the motors. When the pilot triggers the helicopter, the integrated computer controls the stability and levitation of the helicopter and to rotate it left, right, backward, forward...
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Neo : An Intelligent Recycle Bin

Neo is an intelligent recycle bin concept that can keep different types of garbage like electronic, trash, recycle and compost separately to prevent contamination among toxic materials, recycle materials and compost waste. Most of the time, such contamination occurs due to the confusion among people about which category is appropriate to throw in a particular bin, which is also one of the hardest issues to deal with for the city garbage centers. To make it easy to understand for all range of peo...
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The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

The futuristic monobike, featured with retro elements, is an innovative concept that is inspired from the WWII motorcycles. The extraordinary one-wheel bike contains BMW telelever technology based suspension which is excellently functional. The main bike is placed inside the large wheel, which certainly can make some barrier on the driver’s vision, but the compact shape of the bike is very much helpful to avoid the lousy future traffic. The bike is designed for one person only and contains pow...
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“SITE” Can Guide You to Your Desired Food Container

The ‘SITE’ concept is a combination of a navigation device and a scanner that helps visually impaired people to locate the correct food by using voice recognition, scanner and Radio-Frequency Identification tags. The device can scan canned grocery items through the scanner and save the products under a name assigned by voice command of the user, following by placing an RFID tag on the product. When the user wants to find an item, they just name it and the SITE activates the particular RFI...
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Phillu : Matchbox Shaped Mobile Storage Device

Phillu is an innovative mobile storage device with a shape of matchbox that has a capacity of 45GB to carry and transfer all your data. The concept not only incorporates the shape, but also the functionality of a matchbox by featuring 9 removable sticks with a capacity of 5GB storage each. When it comes about transferring data, the user have to pick an available stick by pushing the case from the behind, put the head of the stick at the end of the striker and quickly strike the stick along the s...
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Enjoy Digital Cooking Experience with Cornucopia

Cornucopia is a personal food factory concept that offers a versatile digital cooking experience to the users. Basically, it is a three dimensional food printer that works by storing, mixing, depositing and cooking different ingredient layers of the food. The cooking process of Cornucopia begins with a set of food containers that refrigerate and store the favorite ingredients of the users and transmits through the pipes into the mixer and extruder head to make an accurately deposited food combin...
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BlitzenBenz Organic Racing Car Responds like Human Nerve System

BlitzenBenz concept racing car has been designed in a new way of challenging the global issues keeping the long lived racing heritage of Mercedes intact. The shape and pattern of the concept comprises various innovative technologies like liquid armor and a military application operated Kevlar armor that can strengthen the car by applying pressure on its organic parts to turn into different shapes. Not only that, with the development of the nanotechnology, many more organic parts can be genetical...
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Yakima Frontloader-The Convenient and Functional Top-of-the-Car Bike Rack

Unlike traditional car-top bike racks, Yakima Frontloader features boomer style mounting and offers quick and convenient install without the need of any tools and fits perfectly on the roof-top of any car. The bike easily rolls vertically onto the rack and remains assured that no painted areas of the bike will be touched by any part of the Frontloader. From 20” kid’s wheel to 29” road wheels, anything can fit the rack even with disc brakes, thru funky suspensions or axles and the easily ad...
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Enjoy the Future Today with Vuzix Eyewear

Vuzix has produced a set of video eyewear that shows different types of video content to the users for various educational training purposes. Aside from their existing video eyewear line-up, Vuzix is going to launch their new device 920AR that would enable enlarged reality functionality to appear on the sunglasses. This glass has been designed to overlay desired information of the user over video content while wearing the device. The new AR features various applications about augmented reality o...
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USB Flash Drive That Can Show Space Status

The main functions of this USB flash concept is collecting, gathering and acquiring information, which can easily be realized from its innovative shape. Aside from making it stylish, the smooth curvature case of the flash drive with silver finish and glossy edge design allows it to be disconnected easily from the computer. The small display located at the back of the device will show the drive’s capacity, status of used and remaining space, and certain symbols and writings. The presentation of...
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Innovative Strollers That Future Babies Will Love to Ride

Young student designer Liviu has envisioned a set of innovative strollers that have been specially designed with a different, friendly and organic approach and functionality than the current existing strollers. All these have a unique outlook and are enriched with different handy features by incorporating latest technology. Compact size, adjustable handle and height, greater stability, storage space, weather protection and safety are the common features of these strollers. With these innovative ...
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