Powermat Wireless Charging System Is A Perfect Solution Of Avoiding Charging Cables For Your iPhone

Wireless charging? Electricity can’t be transmitted through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for sure. Then how an iPhone can be charged without connecting it to a power source or by using the connecting cable? When Powermat sent us information about their new gadget, we finally have our answer. Powermat is the solution of letting your iPhone free from charging cords. It features innovative technology to make your life easier. This sleek, slim and smart package contains a 1XA wireless charging mat where the...
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Modern Nord Fridge Design by Olga Kalugina

Nord Fridge tries to re-arrange all fridge elements into new places. First thing that probably catches your eyes the second you open this fridge is the inclined triangle shelf. It is designed especially to keep the bottles. The next thing is a movable shelf. You can adjust the height of the shelf as needed, it has 4 hinges with a rod on one of them to prevent any accidental movement to the lower position. Using this modern conceptual fridge, it would be easier for you to view, arrange, and place...
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O-Flut : Decorative Fireplace For Swimming Pools

O-Flut fireplace is the new model of "Fire Wonderland" from GlammFire. This artistic fireplace is inspired by the metamorphosis of the flut model and designed for the decoration of indoor/outdoor swimming pools. Each of this new O-Flat fireplace has an MDF base and supports the essence of the flut model in a tempered glass structure. Designer : Marcelo Inácio (more…)...
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Everyone Should Have Hangindicators In Their Wardrobe

I'm the kind of people who leave unused hangers in my wardrobe. I just don't feel the necessity of separating them until I need one. Hangindicator design is an ingenious and simple idea to solve my problem. It instantly shows the non-occupied hangers in a crowded wardrobe. The cloth adds weight onto the hanger that makes the inner cylinder attached with spring sliding down and turns the indicator red. When the hanger is free, the indicator turns green. Smart isn't it? Even when you are in a hurr...
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DS3 Design Competition Is Calling Innovative Designs From All Range Of Designers

If you are a creative car designer, doesn’t matter you are an expert or you do designs just for fun, you can beat that excitement by seeing your name on the winning list of the prestigious DS3 design competition. Citroën has organized this competition to come out with some innovative roof and dashboard designs for DS3. A prestigious panel of world’s expert designers including senior representatives from GQ, Louis Vuitton and the Cartier Foundation is going to judge all entries. Aside from c...
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Grand View Microwave Oven For Small Living Space

Grand View Microwave Oven features unique shutter door that is useful in small living space. This unit is designed especially for singles or young couples who need compact home appliances to meet their modern lifestyles. You can easily open the oven door by simply pressing a button and close it by pulling down a handle. The door is designed with a wide arc of movement, 110 degrees opening for a grand view and space saving. The design of Grand View Microwave makes sure the control panel is out of...
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Tuvie Is Looking For A Writer/Contributor

Do you consider yourself an excellent and creative writer? Do you feel the passion for design? Does technology and innovation excite you? If yes, Tuvie would like to offer you the opportunity to become a contributor which includes the following responsibilities: Finding innovative products, designs, concepts that are worth publishing on Tuvie - One of the fastest growing tech blogs around. Write and use your creativity to bring out the design and functional aspects of the same. The...
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Hydrogenase : Bio-hydrogen Airship For The Future

Hydrogenase is a beautiful airship inspired by the beauty of nature. Futuristic transportation? Definitely! This new green revolution combines engineering and biology that enables us to design futuristic air mobility with 100 percent self sufficient in energy and zero carbon emission. This inhabitated vertical aircraft inaugures a clean and ethic mobility to meet the needs of the population en distress touched by the natural and sanitary catastrophes, and all that without any runway! The designe...
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Ecotectonics by Jason DeMarco

Ecotectonics is a hybridization of an aquarium and public park along the Hudson River in New York. Walking paths weave upon the roof of the aquarium providing an endless variety of routes and views of the Manhattan skyline and interactions with the Hudson. Native river species of plants are featured upon the roof of the aquarium, while the aquarium itself features native river aquatic species both for public enjoyment and education as well as scholarly research into reintroduction schemes for t...
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iTit Optical Wireless Mouse : Minimal and Sexy

What is your first impression of iTit? Don't say it, I know what you're thinking. iTit is inspired by the softness and sexy form of a breast. This optical wireless mouse design tries to follow apple's characteristics: minimal, sexy, and user friendly. The outer layer is made of delicate rubber to provide comfort and wrist safety. iTit offers emotional pleasure, fun, minimal appearance, and well-known tactile interaction. What do you think guys? Does these designers succeed in designing a sexy wi...
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H/M Watch : Stylish and Futuristic Watch from Humberto Jimenez

Stylish and futuristic watch from Humberto Jimenez. This cool watch consists 2 bracelet watches, first bracelet tells you the hour and the other tells you the minute. That's why Humberto named his design as H/M Watch. It tells time in its own unique way. There's no further information about this watch, but I would love wearing one or I should say wearing two cool watches on my wrists. Designer : Humberto Jimenez (more…)...
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TEN11 Sports Car Is Inspired By Kite Boarding

TEN11 is an extreme sports car design proposal for Bentley. This project is collaboration between Miika Heikkinen and EXA (A company specializing on virtual air tunnel testing). The name TEN11 itself came from Bentley logo which has ten feathers on the left and eleven on the right side. This futuristic sports car is aimed to be a low emission vehicle with its 4 electric hub motors located in each wheels. Combined with the lightweight body structure, ecological materials, and low CDF will bring t...
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A350H Airliner Features Vertical TakeOff

A350H Airliner design is inspired by the shape of a dolphin, it has an aerodynamical form to achieve high speed with minimum effort. As a new type of airliner, A350H has been designed to be more friendly to the environment by using cryogenic hydrogen that is contained in high pressure tanks. Someday in the future, we might face space issues where airports are no longer possible to be expanded, due to high population and high demand of living areas. This is where the main feature of A350H airline...
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RFF 135 Yacht Features Stunning Interior And Exterior Design With Various Luxury Features

The first appearance of the yacht, whether it’s a day or night view, gives a feeling like a party is going on inside the yacht with various exciting events, right? This 135 feet long yacht incorporates a range of luxury features along with powerful engines and water jets to make it a perfect spot for water entertainment. The yacht achieved the 35 knots of speed through proven hull structure and extensive tank testing at Maritime Ship Hydrodynamics Center of Australia. The hull has been strengt...
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Potenza Provides Convenient City Commuting While Keeping The Environment Clean

The increasing pollution of the environment in various forms and roads becoming more congested. A vision of a city without any car on the street, rather with countless POTENZAs is quite easy to imagine. Human energy vehicles will retain their position again through POTENZA, an innovative four-wheeler vehicle that can simply transform human energy into kinetic energy, and keeps the environment free from any kind of toxic emissions. To give the vehicle a contemporary look, a stylish and retractabl...
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