Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle for Zero Pollution Effect

The Green Speed concept is an air-fueled concept bike that features a zero pollution effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and especially being cheap and willingly available. The rotary air engine is lightweight, compact and powerful and is powered by compressed air from the two compressed air tanks. Because of its 3000 RPM of the engine, this bike can run only on one gear which is actually a sprocket bolted to the engine axis and chained with the rear wheel. The carbon fibe...
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Thermodynamic Cooler Requires No Electricity

The Thermodynamic Cooler concept has been designed to optimize the high-tech kitchens of the emerging countries. The system incorporates evaporating water cooling effect for preserving foods and requires no electricity which reduces the consumption of domestic energy without compromising comfort. Its stackable design allows it to be used as a substitute of a second fridge, pantry or a sophisticated fruit bowl. The cooler has two pots, one inside another. The space in between is filled with glass...
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Space Music Flow Concept Mobile Phone by Hyunsoo Choi

The Space Music Flow is an innovative mobile phone concept that has been designed combining a variety of cultural aspects and scientific features where users can have the most amazing wireless experience ever. The white surface that can be turned all the way to 360 degree and demonstrates various signals of a cell phone like battery life or network availability. Moreover it features a Bluetooth speaker cradle that is able to produce high quality louder music, while giving the device an elegant l...
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EEL Three-Wheeler Lightweight Vehicle with Bio-ethanol Engine

The EEL concept is a compact and lightweight vehicle that features functional aerodynamic construction for great energy efficiency. The compact shape of this three-wheeler allows it waving through busy traffic and in between other cars and houses only one passenger and the driver. When turning, it has been designed to lean to the particular direction allowing better control for the driver. This electric vehicle comprises bio-ethanol engine which is completely eco-friendly. When charging through ...
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Demi Sisalan Hanging Table for Small Spaces

The Hanging Table concept has been designed to turn small indoor spaces into a more efficient place by allowing the user keeping it away from their way when it’s not in use. This table concept design is ideal for dining room or kitchen of little houses, RVs, yachts and offices. Square, sphere, or circle planned, and coated with high density foam, the aluminum framed lightweight table plate is hanged with an aluminum frame and one chrome finished leg. This periscope style leg has been formed wi...
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GloBike System : Social Bike Sharing System

The GloBike system concept allows the user to share the bike and their experience with all other members of its internet community. The motto was to promote the cultural exchange and friendship between people from different communities through its online portal and use the bicycle as one of the best green transportation solutions. These bikes can send their exact location to the Globike portal which can be accessed by other users through their Globike device and call the nearest bike for their u...
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Beautiful Nilufer Tea Set Was Inspired By Water Lily

The Nilufer Tea set is an innovative and unique tea set concept that has been inspired from the beautiful water lily and to overcome the frequently encountered problem of escaping the spoon under the glass. These chrome finished water-lilies have been designed to put on top the glass leaf to solve this problem and adding few more innovative and useful functions. The crystal-cut petals of the water lily get closed with the weight of a glass and reveal a nice place for the stamen of the flower lik...
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Relaxation Bath Provides A Form of Relaxation During Taking A Bath

Relaxation Bath is an active rehabilitation bath concept that features variable volume of water to provide an enjoyable form of relaxation during taking a bath. This concept has been designed to smoothly and continually change its shape accordingly to the user’s body shape and movements. In this bath the user can experience an exclusive feeling of bathing on a waving floor, while gets comfortable massage from the soft and gentle surface. The concept features a series of hydraulic posts that go...
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Nobo : Futuristic Electric Radiator System by Christopher Lavelanet

Nobo is an electric radiator system that gives a feel of an indoor campfire made with ice and fire over a coffee table. This handy heater includes “Pits” that emits heat to make the room warm and is controlled by an iPod-shaped touch wheel and features a built-in projector that makes an excellent environment by illuminating its glass log with flickering flames video. Moreover, you will have a plenty of space on the base for placing the drinks and snack plates of your guests. Right now, Nobo ...
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Audi eSpira and Audi eOra for Future Generations

Audi has envisioned two vehicles for the future generations who will born into a complete digital environment with autonomy far away from today’s vision. Audi eSpira: The Aspiration – This is the most uncompromised form of Audi, acts as an extension of the driver’s body. It utilizes next generation automobile control logic to transform the driver’s every movements and gestures into driving command. Audi eOra: The Essence – This is an extremely efficient and dynamic sport vehicle ...
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Waterdrop for Wonderful Bathing Experience

Waterdrop is an innovative concept that provides wonderful bathing experience with an all-inclusive “screen” where the user can have a precise feeling of staying inside the nature. The bathing area has been designed like a falling drop of water and features completely soundproof inside environment to cut the noise of the outside world. Moreover, notes of nature or soft music can please the users as well as let them relax while enjoying the natural beauty of tropical seas, colorful corals or ...
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Nissan Land Glider with Innovative Computer Controlled Steering System

The Nissan Land Glider is a compact electric vehicle concept that features an innovative computer controlled steering system, allowing the car lean into the turns for better balance. The driver seat is placed centrally inside the narrow cabin of this two-seater car and another seat for the passenger is located directly behind the driver’s seat. The steering wheel has been designed like a flight yoke and cameras and monitors have replaced the rear view mirrors. The dashboard is one more thing o...
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ZENDOME.20 Home Edition for The Exclusive Home & Garden Area

The ZENDOME.20HE is a unique recreational spot concept enclosing a 20sqm and increasable up to 1000sqm of exclusive floor space covered with sensually arched roofs. The brilliant and creative characteristic of the organic space and advanced frame system has really made it an eye-catching and distinct structure. Moreover, several domes can be combined in inspirational groups. Powder-coated steel and PVC coated polyester fabrics are the main materials that have been used to form this great waterho...
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Fima Touch Screen Faucet Will Do All The Thinking For You

The Touch Screen Faucet from Fima is equipped with smart and intelligent features that will do all the thinking on behalf of you. This unique and innovative gadget will pamper you with high-tech traits but yet features a simple and stylish outlook. Its sleek lines, stylish stainless steel made body, simple shape and touch sensitive display will help you to preset the ideal temperature of water and control the usage, making it an environmentally responsible and elegant bathroom essential. Hanging...
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Particle Mask to Reduce Chemical Exposure

The Particle Mask concept has been specially designed for commercial cleaners with the goal to reduce chemical exposure. A study has unveiled that more than 25% of people who are overexposed to chemicals at work such as cleaning sprays, have higher risk of developing occupational asthma. This mask features filtration compartment along with removable filter to purify the incoming air and exhaust the used air through airway opening. It features a resizable head strap that can be adjusted to fit al...
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