Ultimate Clean Toilet with Two Systems for Public Toilet

The ultimate clean toilet is specially designed to be used for public toilets since they are normally dirty. The concept is consisting of two systems, one is the urinal part and the other is the toilet part. Male users can easily use the urinal part and if they want to use the toilet part, a button is there on the top of it which will allow the user to turn it around. Moreover, the toilet features UV light system and hot system inside for comprehensive sterilization. The sleek design and functio...
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Black Hole Concept Mobile Phone by Seunghan Song

The Black Hole concept phone is packed with innovative features and great outlook. The phone doesn’t have a keyboard, the whole surface acts as a touch-screen display. The lower portion is the place which is named the black hole, having all the functional buttons to operate various functions. When the user touches any of the applications, the black hole absorbs it and activates the interface. The phone logically has no top or bottom. The user can switch the display from output to input simply ...
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Butl-R-Bot : Futuristic Robotic Kitchen Assistant

The Butl-R-Bot is a futuristic robotic kitchen assistant that features responsive artificial intelligence and innovative advanced technologies like humanistic arms, cameras and advanced sensors, fan arrays with movement ability, and many more. With all these useful features, this robot can cook meals, take order and collect food and even it can interact with kitchen appliances and utensils. Butl-R-Bot can fit in any size of kitchens with its compact shape (only 35cm wingspan) and can work under ...
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Magma and Super S Yacht from Sylvian Viau

Among several yacht concepts from modern futuristic styles to old classic styles by French designer Sylvian Viau, the Magma and Super S are really worth noticing. Magma demonstrates a new type of visual that could be applied to modern yachts to make them look even better. The surface hull is designed similar to lava cooling down which is really a unique gesture of a yacht. Magma is designed for navigation and ultimate exploration and contains a helipad on the rear part of the superstructure. On ...
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Unique and Funny Marionette Concept Clock from Mintpass

The Marionette Clock is a unique concept clock, where the entire wall acts as a clock and the hand is attached with strings that are clasped up to a conveyor on the top. The innovative design of this clock has made it like a puppet play, performed by the Mint boys, who are moving the clock’s hand by controlling the strings, while riding on a roller between their legs that are powered by electric motor. Marionette boys control the vertical wires attached to the clock’s hand by winding and ...
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Futuristic Creature Guard That Protects Endangered Animals

The creature guard concept is a self initiated project by car designer Nils Poschwatta, which is a futuristic vehicle that protects endangered animals as well as any kind of living being that needs emergency help. The designer has envisioned this innovative vehicle consisting of a bionic sting-ray, with the ability to fly really fast at a lower altitude, and a pilot with specially designed outfit. This ray is detachable and is interconnected to the propulsion unit through its bio-morph grip. Thi...
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“Sunny Song” Eco Friendly Bluetooth Speaker System

SunnySong is a concept speaker system features Bluetooth connectivity in order to make it competitive in the recent gadget world. This is an eco-friendly speaker that is powered through the sunlight and features the A2DP/AVRCP function by using the latest NXT panel. The system is specially designed to save more energy in comparison with the traditional speakers. SunnySong with its beautiful outlook and handy features will become an inseparable part of future human life. (more…)...
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Aquatio Fitness Drinking Fountain Will Reduce The Need To Bend Over When Drinking

Generally, when you drink water from a water fountain, you may have to bend over to reach the water flow which is most often not so convenient for all. Aquatio is a concept drinking fountain that is specially designed for gym and fitness center use. The fountain is shaped like a bowl and can be pivoted up to four inches which will considerably reduce the need to bend over when drinking water from the fountain. By pressing left side of the fountain, cold water will start to flow and pressing the ...
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iPod Slide Design by Tryi Yeh

The iPod slide concept has been derived by combining the functionality of Apple’s iPod Touch and the latest sliding technology, which is quite rare with Apple’s innovative products. The iPod slide is designed with a slim and sleek silver colored body which will make it really an attractive piece and exceptional from other available media devices. The most amazing feature of this device is it can be controlled by thermal sensors, which would be the first time ever in an Apple product. ...
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“All Area” : Male Body Shaver Concept

All Area is a concept body shaver device that addresses the increasing number of young males from 16 to 35 years old who trim or shave their body hair. All Area is not a sci-fi device with complex and ugly components; rather, it incorporates the most commonly used materials for male body shaving: the trimmer and razor. Though, the device has designed in a simple way by using conventional components, it offers great functionality with maximum satisfaction for the said purpose. The device switches...
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LEVEL Concept Cooler by Byron Lee

Level is a concept cooler with the capability of keeping the level of contents inside even when traveling through an uneven surface. The product features self-leveling handlebars that tilt up and down in order to eliminate the required lifting and lowering action when carrying it over a rough surface, such as stairs. The base of the cooler is slightly weighted in comparison with other parts and has active dividers that help placing the content evenly. (more…)...
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SENSE! : Use All Your Senses to Eat

SENSE! is a concept tableware objects collection that offers dining with all your senses instead of just eating with your eyes. The surprising and fun to use design makes you aware of your sensory abilities and turns a usual meal into an amazing experience with various innovative tableware each featuring different attributes. The Scent Flowers discharge a scent to accompany a dish. The Hot Stone Plates have inlaid warm basalt stones that heats in oil, allowing a slower and healthier dining. The ...
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Window Phone : Blow Your Cell Phone to Write A Text Message

The Window Phone is a concept mobile phone that is able to transform its appearance like a window as per the weather. The phone is designed as a thin, clear and transparent plastic sheet, which remains clear during a sunny day, becomes humid during a rainy day and takes a dump outlook during a snowy day. The user can write text messages or draw pictures on the phone in different weather conditions which will later transform and show as SMS characters. The screen features sensitive interaction wi...
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Atmosphere Camera : Capture Pictures While Thrown On The Air

The Atmosphere concept camera was designed for the ‘active-youth’ with the ability of capturing pictures when it is actually thrown on the air. This interactive camera has three different lenses to use – a normal snap-shot, a ‘fisheye’ and a color filtered lens. To activate any of the lenses, the user just has to rotate the front knob. Moreover, it has three rubberized handles located inside, helping the user to manage easy portability and accessibility. The small silver knobs act as a...
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Fresh : Shrinking Milk Concept Jug

As soon as a person opens a gallon of milk, they start to spoil because of various creepy crawlies that remains in the air and grows by eating such organic materials. Shrinking Jug is a concept milk container that will keep the amount of air contact with the milk at a minimum level since the container will collapse along with the remaining amount of milk. The flexible container works as a spring, when you push the top button, a valve will open and pressing down the container will lead the milk o...
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