G-Stroller Is A Combination of A Stroller, A Baby Bed, and A Baby Tub

Multifunction baby stroller is a dream stroller for all parents. G-Stroller serves as a stroller, baby bed, and baby tub. It is designed as collapsible stroller for easy storage and portability. The baby bed can act as a baby hammock or you can use it as a baby car seat. The main idea of this design is to make it easier for parents to travel with babies by creating one product that can serve multiple baby needs.

Designer : Jorge Jesid Correa Salamanca

G Stroller

G Stroller

G Stroller

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J. J. Correa S. says: September 24, 2010


Nathan says: September 27, 2010

Ahh this will be useful for my friend Can

Cinthya Pereyra says: September 9, 2013

Dear friends,
Im Cinthya Peeyra and i’m very inteested in your products,the bloom baby bed and the bubble baby bed. I’m detributor in México of some baby products and i would like to know your prices. Thank you and have a nice day!

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