Fashionable Stairs LED Watch Concept for Women

Stairs LED Watch concept just like its name suggests, it was inspired by the stairs. From design point of view, it looks more like a fashion jewelry bracelet than a watch. Triangle LEDs are aligned to display the time, it’s very easy to read although it might look cryptic at first. The watch looks sleek and stylish, women would love it, not sure about men though…perhaps if the watch design could be a bit more masculine, it could be a nice unisex watch. You can read the time at a glance, it’s not complicated, those triangular LEDs are pretty self-explanatory.

Designer : Patrick for [Tokyoflash]

Stairs LED Watch Concept by Patrick

Stairs LED Watch Concept by Patrick

Stairs LED Watch Concept by Patrick

Stairs LED Watch Concept by Patrick

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Manik says: May 24, 2014

Hey, This is really attractive and unique watch. Perfect for those women who loves style and fashion. Thanks for the great review

Pepe says: September 30, 2015

Beatiful watch for womans. Thanks for the info, do you know where i can buy?

Nancy says: December 17, 2015

Nice Post !

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