EAZ Disabled Mobility Device Is An Innovative Mobility Solution For Physically Disabled Person

EAZ Disabled Mobility Device concept eliminates the discomfort and disregard of riding a wheelchair that usually physically disabled person experiences. The innovative mobility device actually is a combination of a wheelchair and a walker that revolutionizes the mobility solution of moderately disabled people. Not only disabled person, even the old community can stylishly rely on this concept as their personal transportation solution. This two wheeled mobility device features a self balancing mechanism where users can travel both on a standing and seating configuration which will give users the freedom of moving around.

Designer : Grayson Stopp

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Paramesha Mysore says: February 22, 2011

hi Grayson Stopp,
its nice design, here the balancing part is more critical than aesthetic, and if user imbalanced then they tent fall backward or front side and also how it start i mean working, in showing illustration is some what ok but realtime prototype is necessary to show how it work with user using it, the mechanism also make a big difference. hope u understood. good luck

Cody says: March 29, 2011

Well you could just make the wheels a little bigger or wide to even it out and stay top side. This way it can not get top heavy and fall back or forwards. Or add a 3'd small wheel under it.

patch pan says: April 22, 2012

Is this wheelchair for sale?

Irshad says: September 19, 2015

How its run? Its mechanical or digital?

Pamela Helton says: January 2, 2016

I need a mobility device, The EAZ would be great. I have spinal stenosis, and spondylosis of the spine which cannot be reversed. Have been trying to look up grants in the US and not much but a simple wheelchair, that I cannot use due to the pinched nerves I cannot use my arms very long. If I move to the UK I can get a grant. Shame on US. Is there anyone you know of that can help me?

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