Dignity Bed Has Been Designed To Enhance Patients’ Independence

It’s not often we get submission about hospital bed design. Dignity Bed came from Enda Thomas’ submission. This bed has been designed with a dry toilet attached to it to enable elderly and physically impaired people attending the toilet without having to walk/wheeled to the bathroom. In this built-in dry toilet, the human waste is contained and electronically sealed in a waste bag. Dignity Bed will reduce the risk of slips or falls that can cause further injuries for the patients. All functions in this bed are electronically controlled via the hand-set. It will be easier to take care the elderly in their own home.

Designer : Enda Thomas

Dignity Bed

Dignity Bed

Dignity Bed

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9 thoughts on “Dignity Bed Has Been Designed To Enhance Patients’ Independence

  1. Great to see products being designed for the elderly, was awful to hear about the care homes closing, hopefully people will now enjoy the comfort of their own home for longer!

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