Futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Research Car for Our Future Mobility

The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research car is a conceptual autonomous car that represents this auto manufacturer vision of our future mobility. The interdisciplinary team of experts from Mercedes-Benz has worked out wide variety of future scenarios that include different aspects of day-to-day mobility. Beyond its mobility function, one of these scenarios also includes taking this futuri...
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Mercedes Benz Futuristic Dice Dashboard Concept

Mercedes Benz has unveiled their futuristic DICE dashboard concept during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The demonstration provides vision of the future of interactive and intuitive dashboard in premium automobiles. DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) will transform your vehicle into a smart mobility partner via bidirectional interaction. Your future car will not only co...
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Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept : Drastically Reducing Wind Resistance and Fuel Consumption of Semitrailer Tractors

Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer is a design study from Mercedes-Benz to develop a new generation of aerodynamic trailer that features 18% less wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption by 5%. The objective of this design study is to show to the world that it is possible to further reduce the already low consumption and low CO2 emissions of state-of-the-art trucks. Designer : Mercedes Benz ...
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Mercedes-Benz Smart 341 Parkour Wins Los Angeles Design Challenge 2011

Smart 341 Parkour concept features not only futuristic design but also interesting reporter story. Because this year, LA Design Challenge was not just about designing and developing car of the future, but also inventing a story worthy of Hollywood. These designers have convinced the jury of the LA Design Challenge 2011 with their film “Annie get the Grannies” that takes place every year within...
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Mercedes Benz Eco-Friendly BlueZero Concept Car

BlueZero is the latest addition of the eco-friendly series cars by world renowned Mercedes-Benz. The main inspiration came from the idea of creating a vehicle that is affordable and eco-conscious, and can offer a multitude of platforms for daily use. Keeping the sandwich floor concept of Mercedes in mind, the structure of this concept car allows three different platforms to realize: first one is a...
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Mercedes F-Cell Roadster Unites High Tech and Tradition

Mercedes F-CELL is a concept Hydrogen-powered buggy roadster which is able to attract anyone's attraction by adding a fiberglass body, joystick control and hydrogen-electric fuel-cell power unit. The car is supposed to contain all the technologies that the top-shelved Mercedes cars have. It boasts a fiberglass and carbon fiber body structure, a compact fuel cell of 1.2kW is being used for power ge...
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Mercedes Benz Formula Zero Concept for The World of Motor Sports Racing

Out of so many releases by Mercedes Benz, this has been the most unseen model of racing car. This car is named as Formula Zero, thereby featuring a new concept in the world of motor sports racing. Unlike a normal racing car, it is fitted with an elevation so as to provide an extra thrust to the wind consequently making it more difficult for the drivers to maintain the efficiency of the car. Hence,...
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Terminator’s Car : Mercedes Benz Silverflow

What is Mercedes Benz Car Concept in the next 50 years ? LA Auto Show Design Challenge gave you the answers. Still remember terminator 2 ? T-1000 another Skynet robot, made of liquid metal. That is the concept that brought by Mercedes Benz Silverflow. You can change the body of your car easily. This futuristic car with a super sleek designed inspired by Merc racers of yore. (more…)...
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