Capsule Style MP3 Players for Apple iPod

Will this capsule style be our next iPod MP3 players ? Who knows, but take a look at this concept mp3 players, it’s pretty tiny, people with big fingers might not like it. There’s just one button on it called ‘Home’ where users can use touch it and browse the same way as iPhone. Once this capsule is docked to the mini speaker cradle, data in the iPod capsule can be sent and received from the cradle at the same time. Moreover the speaker cradle has function as iPod docking speakers and charger as well. Do you think small gadget can be “the next big thing”?

concept ipod capsule

concept ipod capsule gadget

new ipod capsule

ipod capsule mp3 players

ipod capsule tiny mp3 players

concept ipod capsule

Designer : Peter Hwang

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monmon says: December 22, 2009

how much is this thinngy?

connor says: January 19, 2010

is this real

    yo mama says: April 29, 2015


connor says: January 19, 2010

where do u get it

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