Host Lamp by Bae Minsung

Host Lamp concept transforms any lamp’s heat into electrical energy. If this concept was for real, we could think one and two appliances that could utilize the energy. In this concept, Host Lamp powers a small humidifier by utilizing the lamp’s waste heat. Why lamp? Well, lamps are most commonly used electrical items in a house, they produce a great amount of heat which actually can be transformed into energy.

Bae Minsung explains how it works:
The guest and host system makes use of temperature differences, with TGMs (thermoelectric generator modules) transforming heat into electricity using the Seebeck effect. Four TGMs are placed between the humidifier’s water tank and an aluminum heat sink, and produce electricity via the difference in temperature. The electricity charges the humidifier’s battery. The water creates vapor for the humidifier, and also maximizes the temperature difference.

Designer : Bae Minsung

Host Lamp by Bae Minsung

Host Lamp by Bae Minsung

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