SONOS x IKEA SYMFONISK Speaker System Doubles as Home Decor Object

SONOS and IKEA teamed up to design SYMFONISK, it’s a range of home speakers accessible to anyone. This new collection combines SONOS expertise in sound and technology with IKEA’s knowledge of modern home furnishing. The result is a sound speaker collection that blends into your home to enhance everyday life. It brings music into your home while saving space, less cables, or visible clutter. Using KUNGFORS rail or rack as a shelf, you can mount this speaker easily. you can also pair two stereo separation to use them as home cinema surrounds with Sonos Beam, Playbar, or Playbase.

SONOS x IKEA Symfonisk Speaker System

SONOS x IKEA Symfonisk Speaker System

SONOS X IKEA SYMFONISK also delivers powerful sound and light in form of a table lamp. It conceals speaker with a sound profile similar to SONOS One. Connect SYMFONISK with other Sonos speakers or components over WiFi, you can listen your music, audiobooks, podcasts, or TV in every room of your home.

SONOS x IKEA Symfonisk Speaker System

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