BlueScale Digital Pocket Scale : Keep Track Your Calories from Your Mobile Phone

BlueScale is your simple digital pocket scale that features Bluetooth technology that you can connect it to a smart phone. This pocket scale sends weight data directly to any smart phone by utilizing special applications developed to manage calorie intake and weight control. By integrating BlueScale concept with these applications, you will be able to measure the calorie of food that you’re going to eat, it’s a good way to stick to your diet.

Designer : Ehsan Sayyad

Bluescale Digital Pocket Scale by Ehsan Sayyad

Bluescale Digital Pocket Scale by Ehsan Sayyad

We believe this would be a great product if the designer could bring it into the market as it’s really hard to measure the precise amount of calorie from our food let alone integrate the scale with smart software. Using BlueScale digital pocket scale, all you have to do is turn this device on and your smart phone will automatically search to pair this device with its Bluetooth technology. Put the dish on the scale, enter the name of the food and watch the real-time calorie counting from your phone. Calorie counting fails 99% of the time, using this device, it is possible to keep track calories in your body.

Bluescale Digital Pocket Scale by Ehsan Sayyad

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Bluescale Digital Pocket Scale by Ehsan Sayyad

Bluescale Digital Pocket Scale by Ehsan Sayyad

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shinobi says: September 18, 2012

what about the weight of the plate? wouldn't that be counted as the weight of the food too?

RufusVS says: October 19, 2013

If you've ever used a diet scale, you usually zero it with an empty plate on it with the "tare" key.

Kate says: June 6, 2016

Where can I buy it? I would love a scale I can keep in secret under my plate during lunch in the canteen, as I am on diet…

    Tuvie says: June 7, 2016

    Unfortunately, it's only concept.

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