Vintovaya – Modern Reception Desk by Nüvist

Following the rule of golden ratio, Nüvist has designed Vintovaya Desk. This golden ratio is also called golden spiral or golden section, a mathematical concept that’s been known since the ancient of Greeks. It’s an irrational number that goes on forever, just like decimal point without repeating. This golden ratio has been used to analyze proportions of natural objects as well as man-made systems. You can find some patterns in nature such as spiral pattern where golden ratio appears.

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist uses the concept of gold ratio as its furniture design. The company have used the golden spiral as an inspiration or a rhythm for a relation between ratio and furniture, but it’s not exactly proportion to the golden ratio, the design team call it “deformed ratio” with exchanging cylinders and surfaces.

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist

More images of Vintovaya Desk:
Vintovaya Desk by NüvistVintovaya Desk by NüvistVintovaya Desk by Nüvist

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