Valtra RoboTrac Tractor for Future Farms

Tractor is what you call it just by looking at the picture, it is not at all fair because it also serves as a robot. This fully automated and programmable robot is designed to supplement a farm team. It can smoothly carry out all necessary activities for your farmhouse including tilling, disking, plowing, planting, spraying, weeding and many other activities which a normal farm team cannot do. Do not go with its small size because it can work continuously without wrecking your field or farm. Now no need to waste money on expensive laborers or farmers as Valtra RoboTrac will soon revolutionize the farming world.

valtra robotrac tractor

valtra robotrac tractor

valtra robotrac tractor

valtra robotrac tractor

valtra robotrac tractor

Designer : Hannes Seeberg via Dvice

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2 thoughts on “Valtra RoboTrac Tractor for Future Farms

  1. Save farmers labor costs & manned tractor costs.

    Program & refuel & Go.

    24/7 farming has arrived.

    Very unique

    Now sell farmers on this & at Under budget prices.

    Then see Ag Economy Boom.

    Ag Robotics= 24/7 Farming.


  2. dear editor i was brought up on a farm in county galway and my late father had A massey ferguson 35 tractor and massey ferguson 135 and that where my love for agricultural tractors stems from , but npw the shape of farm tractors is about to to change once again , i look foward to the new age in consept farm tractors its very exciting to be looking at tractors for the future with robotic know how its cool to be seeing these different type of tractors for the future thank you editor

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