Would You Trade iPhone for Plica ?

Plica is a conceptual phone that uses 2 screens instead of one, and has the advantage of shape as it is dimensionally the same as regular phone. Plica phone concept is trying to offer a better design compared to iPhone which has many complains on its size of the interface, which is too small for some people’s hand. Splitting it into two allows you to dedicate one of the touch screens as a keyboard and the other as a touch monitor. You can also view a single web page or image across both screens. This could be the next evolution in mobile electronics.

plica concept phone

plica concept phone

Plica is a zoological term referring to the folding of a body part. This concept smart phone has double the screen capacity of the I-phone giving the user a more ample interface. When folded with the screens out, Plica functions as a phone and internet device. Two screens provide the user with all the functionality of a mini laptop. USB and headphone ports are located conveniently in the double hinge.

plica concept phone

plica concept phone

Designer : James Piatt

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19 thoughts on “Would You Trade iPhone for Plica ?

  1. Plica design is for me.

    instant web access

    large screen makes it very practical

    small enough to carry all the time

  2. Unless I’m heavily mistaken, this is a design concept, probably a prototype, from last year. So if it isn’t out by now, chances are, it will never be. Though I love the dual touch screen concept as it’s in my opinion the only possible way to reach convergence of phones and mini notebooks, without making them to big for a 24/7 device.

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