Futuristic Three Wheel Car Concept by Matus Prochaczka

Three wheel magnetic car concept from Matus Prochaczka is an unseen and unbelievable vehicle that can make you go crazy on roads. He has named it MAG magnetic vehicle concept that runs on magnetic power and uses an electric engine that has a polarity. Its shape is similar to a ‘Whale coming towards you with an open mouth’. It is a 2-seater vehicle and definitely a unique design which you can not even imagine in your dreams. Not only this, MAG is also a winner of the Unseen Technology award at the interior motives design award 2007. There is only one thing that can stop you from having this vehicle is that it requires the roads to be made of huge panels with magnets formed in them. So, I guess it is not possible for every city to incorporate such demand in its infrastructure for this magnetic car.

MAG magnetic vehicle concept

MAG magnetic vehicle concept

MAG magnetic vehicle concept

MAG magnetic vehicle concept

MAG magnetic vehicle concept

Designer : Matus Prochaczka via TheDesignBlog

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12 thoughts on “Futuristic Three Wheel Car Concept by Matus Prochaczka

  1. OMG, people, make mudguards!! I can just see all that mug and water on rider's heads!

    the ide of dislpay in stearing wheel is just briliant, althought trearing wheel looks like tire ;/

  2. First.. How are the back wheels supposed to spin?… anyone…

    And how are the front wheels supposed to spin?… there are no axels…..

    pretty concept… but needs some simple realistic engineering aesthetics to make it more believable.

    • obviously you lack the ability to conceptualize anything and do can not think outside of the box. ya the concept is a little out there and probably will never be able to be implemented because of its need for magnetic roads. secondly the rear wheel is spun using a electromagnet of some sort so it does not need and axle it just needs to be attach to the body so it can freely spin and it is.

  3. Stumbled upon this page while looking for something completely unrelated… but…

    Looking at the design of the car, it seems pretty reasonable to me.

    In response to Billy's comments:

    It's not back wheel, but one wheel.

    As to how it would spin, I see 2 possibilities…

    There's a gear spinning the wheel on the inside, you might notice a track on the inside of the wheel itself. And second could be, wheel to wheel rotation. Having another wheel or set of wheels spinning the wheel on the inside (rubber to rubber).

    As to the front wheels, they don't need axles. The tires rotate around the wheel itself (the inside part doesn't spin).

    I can see that vehicle only on very straight roads in warm countries. Puddles are acceptable as there are water guards. The wheels would still send some water slashing behind them though.

    Just my 5 cents. 🙂

  4. It doesn't remind me of a whale but rather a glass slipper from one angle, or a snake from the other. I love it and everything is possible in it so I don't personally know what Billy is talking about. Terrabolt knows what he/she is talking about but I think the front wheels work on the 'gear' idea also as they do have a rather large join at the base so it would not make sense for them not to be powered.

  5. I also believe that this desgn could work without having to use magnetic levitation as long as the lower 'skin' was strong enough e.g. carbon fiber.

  6. the planing is easy to see i can build this and im going to with a few minor adjustments of myy own but when its done i will post a pic on my facebook page

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