Traveling with Your Bike ? Use Suitcase Bike

Story behind this suitcase bike from the designer Gosha Galitsky : Being a big bicycle enthusiast, it always bothered me to see how little cooperation exists between public transport and bicycles. It seems to be a perfect solution for commuting- an alliance between safe intercity transport (such as trains, buses and airplanes) and short-range non polluting bicycles which can zip you through the congested city like a breeze and park in your room or your cubicle at work.However, I only saw this harmony take place in some places in Europe (Italy is especially biker- friendly) and in some areas of the US, mostly on the west coast. All this in spite of rising awareness for environmental issues, growing congestion within city limits and an immense growth in the popularity of cycling for commuting as well as for sport. So I tried to find what was preventing this alliance from happening. After a certain observation and research, I discovered some interesting things.

suitcase bike

traveling with suitcase bike

Bearing those discoveries in mind, Gosha Galitsky set to design a bicycle which will operate seamlessly with public transport. It might not fold to the smallest possible size as other bikes of the same nature do, but when it is folded, there are no sticking-out wheels, sprockets or cables that can get entangled with other passengers and make them dirty. The delicate (and greasy) components are all enclosed inside the suitcase-like body of the bicycle, forming a neat rectangular package that can fit easily between your legs when you ride the subway or on the luggage rack in the train. You can even lock it in place so you can snooze through your commute without worrying about the bike being stolen. When you get off and need to get out of the station, the bike can be easily dollied along using the small front wheel. And when it is unfolded, you can ride it just like any other bicycle.

suitcase bike

Designer : Gosha Galitsky

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