Folding Urinal from Mister Miser

Need some space in your bathroom ? You can consider this folding urinal from mister miser. The installation of this folding urinal is not limited to bathrooms, you can also install this in variety of places, mister miser design this folding urinal to use a lot less water, only 10 ounces per flush. From the website : “The makers of Mister Miser Urinals are committed to helping preserve our environment. Conserving water is not simply a feature of the Mister Miser Urinal…it’s the purpose. A superior product made in the USA, Mister Miser will pay for itself in no time!”

folding urinal

Price: $295

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5 thoughts on “Folding Urinal from Mister Miser

  1. I'm trying to find out have a mister miser folding toilet can be purchased. Are they still availible? does anyone Know anything about the company?

  2. I just called a number in Chicago; she said the tried to sell the company and then just closed down. No further info.

    • Do you still have that number, the lady's name, way to reach the people who designed it? Got three boys here & could really use one.

  3. This is an idea I have been holding in the back of my mind until I had a place to use one. That time is here and now It seems we do not have it available any longer. If there is one available anywhere please advise..

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