Portable Cooler for Your Bottle

This portable cooler used for cooling the drink bottle inside the wrapping cloths. The cloths have the tie zip to the bottle neck. This tie zip is functionally keeping the cool air trapped inside. When you want to drink your drinks, you don’t need to open the wrapping cloth, you can directly access the bottle cap.The purpose is to get the fresh drink while you are traveling far from the city such as hiking, mountain biking, etc.

portable cooler

portable bottle cooler

Designer : Eno Setiawan

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12 thoughts on “Portable Cooler for Your Bottle

  1. Does anyone know how to purchase the "portable cooler" for a single bottle as featured on this site? I don't see any contact info to purchase this item…

    Thanks for your help

  2. I am from India, I want to purchase the bottle cooler product. Please give me a call on my mobile +919831033439 or mail me the procedure of purchasing the product from india. Please do the needful as soon as possible.

  3. Where on earth can I buy one of these? This is of the best inventions ever, can't find any similar products either. I could sell these to practically every person, in any gym, on the planet.

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