Futuristic Jet House by Jerome Olivet

Jerome Olivet has developed his latest creation, a futuristic house, very futuristic: Jet House. Jet House is conceptualized to meet the ocean and the horizon. It’s the latest development in individual architecture. The location is with remarkable panorama, with the design being a mixture of welfare and power. It looks like a cocoon with all lines converging towards the terrace. The color comes with immaculate walls which are contrasting with the ground mirror reflecting the sky.

jerome olivet futuristic jet house

jerome olivet futuristic jet house

jerome olivet futuristic jet house

jerome olivet futuristic jet house

Designer : Jerome Olivet via Nuvolo

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6 thoughts on “Futuristic Jet House by Jerome Olivet

  1. I think this is a beautiful design and eye catching. I have a few questions to ask.How many bedrooms? Is it all concrete? I wish I can see the details of it.



  2. Hello!

    What wonderful designs. They seem to open my

    mind to new possibilities. Bravo. I'm working

    on a 3 episode WEBISODIC, for Gaiam. Part of

    the storyline is about two 'visitors from a

    future world.' Any interest in letting us use

    some of your designs for our 'future world'?

    Regardless, really wonderful work — congratulations.

    Scott Cervine/Director

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