The Ultra-Light Mosquito Helicopter Can Go Through Even Caves

The ultra-lightweight mosquito helicopter concept has been designed for army to commute through difficult terrains like canyons, forests and even caves. This flying object is empowered with four GEMINI technology based powerful electric motor and contains carbon nanotube super-capacitors that provides the energy to run the motors. When the pilot triggers the helicopter, the integrated computer controls the stability and levitation of the helicopter and to rotate it left, right, backward, forward, up and down, the driver has to lever his both hands to shift the helicopter in the preferred direction. However, the concept is not able to generate a high speed, but its silent operation and excellent steering capability can make it a very functional. In case of any danger, the computer will activate the emergency landing program automatically.

the ultra light mosquito helicopter

the ultra light mosquito helicopter

the ultra light mosquito helicopter

the ultra light mosquito helicopter

the ultra light mosquito helicopter

Designer : Cikaric Dragan

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16 thoughts on “The Ultra-Light Mosquito Helicopter Can Go Through Even Caves

  1. Interestingly, this design actually looks feasible, and simple to fly. Seems like the back/front keep it lofted and stable, while the sides control forward/backward turn. It's not unlike the green machine big wheel as a kid. Only question is whether or not you could create enough lift and make it efficent (though I've seen some prototypes of 2 prop design that only use a big hobby engine to provide enough lift).

  2. Apps for:


    Search Rescue



    But need more seats for 4,8, 10 persons.

    Be Neat to Rent.

    Mass produce this.

    Reminds of those 50s fancopters that never made it

  3. Why recreate the wheel? Why don’t they just make the design like the 4 propeller remote control toy/camera drones and use the same technology to steer and control it? The tech is already here, just make a much bigger version drone with a seat to accommodate 1 or 2 people…

  4. Living in New England, it gets pretty cold just walking around. Taking this through the air at any speed without a canopy or a weathered cockpit, would be crazy, don’t you think? One other thing, a military pilot will complain to no end during Bug season to!

  5. Forget about these incredibly inefficient unstable complex unreliable helicopter concepts; instead Google Lanier planes having micro wings, STOL of only 20-meters, almost hover, ultra stable, cheap,steep climber, safe. A model, the plans of which I have, has flown for decades – – – I have masses of data + all patents + superior designs from Professor's son as executive plane flying with 4 people I can send y'all… E: [email protected]

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