T-Rex 3 Wheeler Concept for 2008 by Johnathan Cote

You might already familiar with this 3 wheeler concept, Johnathan Cote just tried to offer his re-design proposal for the legendary T-REX. With the the first prototype released in 1994, the T-REX is a pioneer in the rapidly expanding world of modern 3-wheeled transport that has now spawned such exotic gems as the Can-Am Spyder, Brudeli’s Three-Wheel Leanster, TriRod’s F3 Adrenaline and the upcoming ZAP Alias highway electric car. While respecting the T-Rex’s DNA, this remodeling offers refreshing new lines and added new assets. Overall, the beauty of this design imparts elegance and refinement worthy of the best sports cars.

Jonathan new design integrates several storage areas into the vehicle, blending cargo space into the vehicle’s outline and adding a small storage space and two smaller glove compartments in the front. Two windshield versions are also catered for: raised or F1 style.

2008 t rex

2008 t rex

Designer : Johnathan Cote

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10 thoughts on “T-Rex 3 Wheeler Concept for 2008 by Johnathan Cote

  1. need more prices an more cycles if you have the t-rex three wheeler two in the front one in the rear thats wheels hope to here from you soon i'm looking to purchase one.if the price is right.

  2. Please put an enlarge button on the t-rex three wheeled car besause i want to make it my background please please please please

  3. the three wheeled car drawn by Johnathan Cote has inspired me. I plan on building this car but i need to know is the engine in the back or the front

  4. I am not sure about this design. It is a cross between a mini sport and a cycle. I fancy a bubble shield dome above it.

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