3D Blue Ray Disc Camcorder by Nikola Knezevic

The extraordinary design of this concept 3D blue ray disc camcorder features portability, durability and small dimensions, offers semi-pro video recording with highly sensitive lenses and sensors. The appearance of this concept camcorder matches much with the robots of science fiction movies and has two stands under both sides of the lenses to ensure better balance. The feeling of existence and being involved in this camera cannot be evaluated to existing way of video recording simply because the camera will produce a pure 3D reality video. However, the program broadcasters may require further development to run these twin frequency videos that is essential to create 3D illusion.

3d blue ray disc camcorder

3d blue ray disc camcorder

3d blue ray disc camcorder

Designer : Nikola Knezevic

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One thought on “3D Blue Ray Disc Camcorder by Nikola Knezevic

  1. Is this just a graphic proposal, a prototype, or is this actually being manufactured and marketed already? If so, where is it available

    for purchase, and what it the price? Will this require a new

    kind of blu-ray disc that supports 3D? Will there be rewritable blu-ray discs, as

    regular BD's are still about $20 USD. With flash memory increasing in capacity

    and reducing in price, making even blu-ray kind of obsolete

    already, wouldn't make more sense to have a 3D camcorder that used those,

    thus allowing for a smaller and less battery consuming design?

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