11 The New Beautiful and Elegant Football Table

The classic football table has never been received any attention of designer in recent years. While the football stadium is getting more and more architectural and sculptural beautiful. The image of classic football table is no longer fits in with the designed landscape of modern interiors, this is where GRO design and Tim modelmakers propose their modern and elegant concept of the new football table, called 11. The table is named after the number of players on each side, the term ‘the beautiful game’ is often used to describe football/soccer and is the title of Pelé’s book “My Life and the Beautiful Game”.

11 football table by gro design

11 slick and elegant football table

11 football table designed by gro design

eleven futuristic football table

eleven futuristic football table

Designer : GRO design and Tim modelmakers

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2 thoughts on “11 The New Beautiful and Elegant Football Table

  1. hello, initially I should say that I really impressed once I saw the elegant football table but I thought that I has announcer inside like a real football and once the ball touch every single player the announcer can say the name of the player and even follow the ball until the goal. I think if you develop it with this feature then you will bring the real feel of game even better than play station or such a those computer games. I am industrial designer and I am interested to corporate in this project.

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