Skin II Probiotic Clothing Concept Can Improve Your Skin’s Immune System

Skin II, is a special clothing that incorporates probiotic bacteria in certain area. Designed by Rosie Broadhead, an apparel designer specializing in biomaterials, Skin II is a project that wants to show you the possibility of technology affects the future of fashion. This probiotic clothing explores natural biological function of your skin in combination with everyday garments.

Invisible to the naked eye, our bodies actually host millions of microorganisms where optimal skin conditions actually depend on probiotic bacteria or microbes that live on our bodies. Therefore, what we put on and next to our skin has direct impact to our health, such as cosmetic products or fabric finishes.

Skin II Probiotic Clothing by Rosie Broadhead

Skin II Probiotic Clothing by Rosie Broadhead

Teamed up with Dr. Callewaert, a microbiologist, Rosie Broadhead explores the benefits of encapsulating probiotic area into fibers of clothing through Skin II project. These bacteria are activated once they come in contact with moisture of our skin, allowing them to dominate other less beneficial bacteria. For optimal results, these probiotics are placed in key areas where you normally sweat such as armpits, back of neck, breasts, butt, etc. This bacteria helps reducing body odors, encouraging cell renewal, and also improve skin’s immune system, Skin II wants to benefit of what’s natural on our bodies and take advantage of it through this probiotic clothing concept.

Skin II Probiotic Clothing by Rosie Broadhead

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