Sweechy : Plug and Switch in One That You Can Control Through Smartphone

Think of the dozens of techno devices your family have plugged in all day long, using up unnecessary power and costing money. Well, you know that despite all your nagging, they won’t unplug them and if they do, you just end up tripping over a tangle of loose wires. Do you want to reduce your electricity bill in a simple and easy way?

The Sweechy is an innovative new product which combines a plug and switch in one. Plug in your device and simply push the plug up to turn it on. Push it down again to turn it off. There is no need to remove the plug from the wall. The plug is the switch! The Sweechy is simple and neatly designed. It attaches to the wall, offering connections for two standard two-pin and three-pin plugs. Install it under your bed or desk where it will be hidden and where the wires cannot easily be pulled out.

Designer : Patrick Bike

Sweechy Switch by Patrick Bike

Sweechy Switch by Patrick Bike

Now there is no reason to waste electricity and have wires lying around, with a quick flick of the hand, you can switch the power on and off while the plug stays neatly connected in the socket. If you are totally lazy and don’t want to bend down to reach the plug, the Sweechy Pro features a WiFi connection that allows you to turn it on and off using your smartphone.

Sweechy Switch by Patrick Bike

Sweechy Switch by Patrick Bike

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