Seoyon Ehwa Develops Automatic Sorting System for More Efficient and Faster Delivery Service

Seoyon Ehwa Automatic Sorting System is a futuristic project that aims to revolutionize logistics industry by combining recognizable exterior design, versatile layout, and three advanced cargo loading systems. The system makes sure all staff convenience and safety while increasing efficiency at every stage of the logistics process, thanks to AI-based grouping that organizes logistics volume and areas.

Basically, the main purpose of this system is to make it possible for seamless logistics and optimized transportation operations with no wasted time. The driver screen and cargo system are integrated, providing accurate cargo and logistics information to the operators whether it’s inside or outside of the driving space.

Seoyon Ehwa Automatic Sorting System in Delivery Service

One of the first parts in the delivery service process is the loading system. Inspired by carousel systems, Seoyon Ehwa developed the system using AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) from the trunk area. It can hold up to six containers at once and just do necessary cargo pack opening during unloading. The design is based on an ergonomic principles, guaranteeing operators’ convenience and quick access while enhancing injury prevention. The second design of this vehicle with Automatic Sorting System involves hanging and rotating along a rail track. It’s the best place for small scale logistics and products that require refrigeration.

The exterior body design features a compact 1-box shape that allows maximum cargo capacity. The loading platform moves vertically for the best unloading position. The interior is optimized for space while considering the characteristics of delivery vehicles which are typically operated by a single person. That’s why modular cargo storage paces as well as customizable tile-like wall systems are also implemented to turn this vehicle to suit the company’s need.

Seoyon Ehwa Automatic Sorting System in Delivery Service

Seoyon Ehwa Automatic Sorting System in Delivery Service

Seoyon Ehwa Automatic Sorting System in Delivery Service

Design Lead: Lee Jaesung
Designers: Byun Yoonpyo, Cho Juhwan, Jang Hanmin, Kim Hyunwoo, Kim Kiho, Kim Yuhwan, Yang Wooseok

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