Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse by DesignworksUSA

Once again Thermaltake teamed up with DesignworksUSA (BMW Group) to launch the next level of innovative gaming accessories. This design consultancy has developed Level 10 M Mouse as the first product which will be released in spring 2012. DesignworksUSA has worked with many industries with only one goal that is to transfer design know how between cultures, markets and industries in order to deliver the most innovative, forward thinking and consumer oriented design solutions. The first time Thermaltake partnered with DesignworksUSA was in 2009 when the design studio was asked to design the Level 10 high end gaming tower. The collaboration has triggered a lot of praise and won many awards for its revolutionary design approach to computer housing. Thermaltake wanted to take this collaboration to the next level by increasing the Level 10 experience to a range of gaming peripherals for Thermaltake’s e-sports division.

Level 10 M Mouse represents revolutionary thinking of these industrial designers when applying the Level 10 design language to additional products. This project’s goal is to bring the Level 10 gaming experience to the next level by applying the design language of Level 10 chassis onto products which by nature require ergonomic design solutions. DesignworksUSA design team came up with smart and innovative solutions to all pro-gamers that speak the same language as Level 10 with enjoyable and pleasant device for heavy use. Level 10 M Mouse is coming but we still don’t know the exact release date and price information.

Designer : DesignworksUSA

Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse by DesignworksUSA

Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse by DesignworksUSA

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