Intelligent Fitness Handle Motives User to Exercise Through Points and Feedbacks

China based company, Lishui Handian Industrial Design Co., has released Intelligent Fitness Handle. It’s a set of fitness equipment inspired by the motion of game controller. This fitness equipment is capable to capture user’s motion data through internal sensors, it identifies the motion very accurate and records the amount of that motion to analyze later. Different motion modes can be switched via multiple modular components and one main body, including standardized module interfaces. User can easily adjust its electromagnetic resistance to meet their need of increasing weight.

Intelligent Fitness Handle by Ruan Zhou

Designed by Ruan Zhou, Intelligent Fitness Handle records your various motions through the handle, then it creates motion plan scientifically to meet your needs. You can set it up to skip rope, tension, grip, push up, or abdominal muscle wheel mode, each workout can be customized as user is rewarded with tasks and points via the display screen and vibration feedback. This set of fitness equipment has been designed as a fun way to exercise, it encourages user to keep motivated.

Intelligent Fitness Handle by Ruan Zhou

Intelligent Fitness Handle by Ruan Zhou

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