Tri.on Remote Controlled Robot To Help Fire Brigades

Tri.on is a remote controlled robot concept specially designed to be used by the fire brigades or disaster control unit. The main inspiration of this concept came from the drive of generating something that can substitute a human being under tremendously dangerous conditions. Tri.on robot features four wheel shaped rolling tires, each with 3 inner wheels to make the tires roll, allowing the robot to run over any sorts of uneven surfaces such as stairs. It has two hands that can move in any direction and two holders in the end of the hands that provides strong grip when picking up an object.

tri.on robot

tri.on robot

The tasks of “Tri.On”:
– evaluation of potential dangers by means of various sensors
– taking samples of dangerous substances for further analysis
– precautions to avoid the spreading of dangerous substances, for example sealing leaks or depressurization of containers.

In order to accomplish these tasks, Tri.On is equipped with state of the art sensors. In addition, the robot has stowage for up to three tools in it`s torso.

tri.on robot

tri.on robot

tri.on robot

Designer : Patrick Ehlers and Tobias Weiland

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One thought on “Tri.on Remote Controlled Robot To Help Fire Brigades

  1. Markets for:

    Wilderness firefighting


    Cruise ships

    Naval ships esp Carriers

    Chem plants

    Biotech plants

    Power plants

    Search & Rescue

    Airports Fire & Crash Teams.

    Undersea Rescue?

    Clear minefields by Remote.

    Mobile sensor.

    Clear debris, trees IE larger model size.

    Airlift into site for Use.

    360 TV camera "head".

    Produce this now.

    Needed for So CA Fire Season alone.

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