Capsuli : A Solar Powered LED Emergency

Say hello to capsuli, a rechargeable solar powered LED emergency light kit. Capsuli is small yet powerful enough to emit light from the palm of your hand. You can dock each capsule to a pad that embedded with solar cells, twisting this capsule will activate it.

solar powered capsule LED

capsuli solar powered capsule LED

capsule solar powered capsule LED

Designer: Ukseop Jeong & Hanna Son

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6 thoughts on “Capsuli : A Solar Powered LED Emergency

  1. oooh great idea good for in my three year olds room…….so stupid why didnt i thikn of coming up with pill shaoed lights

  2. Great idea it will be future emergency lights in home and other places it is tiney and powerful light from led light

  3. After taking these ingenious pills, my toilet bowl now glows like a raving unicorn every time I poop. Thanks, Capsuli!

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