Plopp-O-Meter : Bottle Opener by Christian Förg

In distinguished circles the uncorking of a bottle of wine is what the pop of a beer is to a less formal group. It celebrates the moment and acts like a starting shot to the evening. It is well known that Beer is a cultural property and the process of opening it without a bottle opener is a fine art. With the use of a lighter or anything else with a hard edge, the opening is celebrated with a loud pop sound. The sound solely depends on the skill and technique of the user. The PLOPP-O-METER (or POP-O-METER for all native English speakers 😉 reflects this game of skill, offers only a hard edge and detects the volume of the pop-sound. On the display it will show the result on a scale from 0 to 9.9 and thereby announce the winner of the game.

Designer : Christian Förg [Pre-Order]

Plopp-O-Meter Bottle Opener by Christian Förg

Plopp-O-Meter Bottle Opener by Christian Förg

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