Bike One Motorsport : A Future Vision of Street Fighter Bike

Inspire by Kawasaki Z 1000 (2014), JM Wilkens has come up with sporty motorbike design that you would want to checkout: Bike One. You can read short description below about this project, given by the designer himself.

This motorcycle is for me a possible vision of a street fighter bike. I wanted it to have a powerful appearance. For this reason I thought to place the focus to the front end. At the same time it should be also a bit mysterious. So I decided to lower the front-end mask between the “shoulders”. The dark parts could be made of carbon fiber and the brights ones of aluminum. The target audience includes design studios, custom shops, and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Designer : JM Wilkens

Bike One Motorsport by JM Wilkens

Bike One Motorsport by JM Wilkens

Bike One Motorsport by JM Wilkens

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