Physically Interacting with Slice Futuristic PC Concept

Slice PC Concept is trying to answer the need of efficient and visually files storage on your computer. This PC Concept is trying to help you with the trouble of finding the files that are buried deep within folders, and you are no longer know how to indicate and locate the files when you need it. Slice PC Concept helps you physically interacting with the information, users can organize and place files accordingly. Each of the slices visually represent different folders seen in current operating software such as My Documents, My Music, My Videos, etc. The visual and haptic experience associated with slice emotionally connects the users to their information stored on the computer reassuring the safety and placement of their files.

slice future pc concept

slice futuristic pc concept

manage files with slice pc concept

futuristic slice pc concept

slice pc design

slice pc concept

slice pc concept

slice pc concept

Designer : Tim MacKay, David Taylor, and Mark Pylypczak

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4 thoughts on “Physically Interacting with Slice Futuristic PC Concept

  1. Hi, I'm interested in publish some note about this concept in a Spanish magazine, I need high resolution images… please, could some of the designers get in touch?

    Thanx a lot

    Best regards

  2. Excellent design; completely executable, as small as storage is today. I can see myself buying one of these and actually using it in my home someday.

  3. I love this design because it is very original and the idea of storing and accessing files physically is great. I could see myself buying a whole 'fruit bowl' of these.

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