With Link Child Locator, Hopefully No More Missing Children

You are about to catch the flight for that weekend get away with your family and it’s a last minute rush to board the plane. You already have the boarding pass and just as you hear the last minute announcements, suddenly you observe that your child is missing! You look everywhere but where to locate in this sea of human faces? Is he safe or what might have happened? This might seem to be a scene taken out of any popular movie flick, but could as well be a scenario in real life too. There are many incidents across airports, amusement parks or shopping malls wherein the Public address system is used to locate the dear ones. Not any more! If the Link Child Locator is anything to go by!

The basic concept that works on is that a parent can use to locate or keep a track of the child in a crowded location. It has 2 components, a bracelet, which is worn by the child containing a transmitter module that works at a range of up to 100 feet, and the other part is a watch style bracelet which is worn by the parent. This part receives the child’s signal and indicates the direction and the estimated distance on a small LCD display.

link child locator

locate your child with link

Not just that, with this one can keep a track of their child and also set a safe radius of distance as and when the child goes out this comfort zone, the same is indicated on the parent’s along with direction. Thus this gadget is very helpful for all those parents who would like to keep an eye on their kids at all the time.

future link child locator

futuristic link child locator

Designer : DContinuum

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10 thoughts on “With Link Child Locator, Hopefully No More Missing Children

  1. I work for Continuum, the consultancy that came up with the Link Child Locator. This is just a concept–it doesn't exist in any form other than these images.

    –Alan Mudd, Continuum

  2. Thanks for your reply. I guess this is a good market oppertunity. Either as a stand alone device or integrated into a wrist watch, etc. Any plans for making it as a product? Thx.

  3. My opinion is that in such form it will stay as a concept pictures only…
    This rather can be realised as an application on mobile phone or any other device, such as a watch (it's technolgically easy to add more functions to existing device).

  4. Good morning Uzi, could you please let me know where you are in the world please, I'm in the UK and have been looking into developing a similar project.
    Many thanks

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