Motorsports Inspired Porsche Design 50Y Sneaker High Top

Inspired by motorsports, Porsche Design presents 50Y sneaker High Top, an exclusive sport shoe made from leather and mesh in motorsport style. Made in Italy, this sneaker for men is a limited-edition product that represents Porsche Design’s DNA. Since 1972, this company has been writing history by designing products that combine passion, technology, and performance. This 50Y Sneaker High Top is part of Posche Design Capsule Collection, it’s a driver shoe style with slim silhouette, non-slip sole, and raised heel for optimum grip. The oblique angled shaft allows for freedom of movement on the gas pedal while that Velcro closure is for stable fit.

50Y Sneaker High Top by Porsche Design

Porsche Design 50Y Sneaker High Top has been designed with attention to details to recall the race tracks of this world. Through the mix of materials and combine technical-style mesh with titanium effect, the use of black Nappa leather enhances its dynamic look. [Buy It Here]

50Y Sneaker High Top by Porsche Design

50Y Sneaker High Top by Porsche Design

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