Modern Motor Yacht Concept by Vidyanand S. Desai

The main aim of the project was to design a futuristic modern motor yacht for elite class in India and Western countries focusing on usability and aesthetics. The primary intention of this futuristic modern motor yacht design is to address the needs of the elite class people and fulfill their aspirations in yacht design. The Yacht is designed for the year 2030 by considering various aspects styling of exterior.

All the spaces on this futuristic yacht have been designed to interlace between each other to create new, larger, innovative and interchangeable areas that double the usability of the interior/exterior livability. The huge variable transparency glass makes the salon the most luminous of the category. The upper deck also overlooks the lower-deck salon giving it an amazing sensation of depth and light.

Designer : Vidyanand S. Desai

Modern Motor Yacht by Vidyanand S. Desai

Modern Motor Yacht by Vidyanand S. Desai

Modern Motor Yacht by Vidyanand S. Desai

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