Meshbottle by Gabor Kocsis

One of reasons why some people still prefer to use glass milk bottles is that it won’t leak any harmful chemicals to your drink unlike plastics. These bottles are easy to clean and absorb no odors or flavors. However, glass bottles are fragile, that’s why Meshbottle is created to eliminate all those issues..

Inspired by vintage European “soda water” mesh sleeves, Meshbottle is covered with a silicone mesh, which provides grip, reduces the risk of breakage and gives it a hip look. You can drink your beverage safely, even when you have to carry the bottle around under the heat of the sun, it won’t be contaminated by plastic material. It’s been suspected that even BPA-free plastics still cause harmful in the long run.

Designer : Gabor Kocsis

Meshbottle by Gabor Kocsis

Meshbottle by Gabor Kocsis

This accessory is a great way to allow you to drink from a plastic-free bottle, even aluminum and stainless steel can still impart a metallic taste to juices and teas. Unlike other glass bottles that still use plastic cap, Meshbottle features a glass cap covered by a food-safe silicone gasket. This means, your drink is locked in 99.99% glass, from top to bottom. That hip-looking mesh sleeve not only protects the glass but also makes the bottle look pretty stylish. The interlocking pattern of the mesh makes it even more elastic so that user can peel it off without any problem and wash it in a dishwasher.

Meshbottle by Gabor Kocsis

Tuvie has received Meshbottle project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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