TOGOther Electric Transporter to Lighten The Load of Both The Disabled and Their Caregiver

As an additional attachment to all kinds of wheelchairs, TOGOther electric transporter is able to transform conventional wheelchair into an electric one. Depending on the disabled person, this transporter offers three mobility modes: independent, assisted, and personal transporter. It’s a little device to avoid the stigma of disability with modern styling and universal design.

Togother Electric Transporter by Pan Yu-Ting and Wu Ya-Cheng

Pan Yu-Ting and Wu Ya-Cheng have designed TOGOther to challenge long-stand stereotypes of perceptions of assistive devices. People with assistive devices are usually referred as disabled, this can cause them to abandon assistive devices regardless how functional they are. Some older people might refuse to go outside due to embarrassment when they have to rely on assistive devices. There are so many reasons why assistive devices are stigmatized, one of them could be due to the design where aesthetic qualities are often considered as lesser importance. TOGOther has been designed based on the idea of an inclusive mobility society for everyone, it helps lighten the load of both the disabled and their caregiver. This electric transporter is hoped to be able to support ageing society.

Togother Electric Transporter by Pan Yu-Ting and Wu Ya-Cheng

Togother Electric Transporter by Pan Yu-Ting and Wu Ya-Cheng

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