Lens Safe by Simon Michel

Lens Safe is the all in one contact lens case, it’s been designed to offer a smart solution to take care your delicate contact lens. As someone who wears contact lens, I have to carry the container as well as lens solution (liquid), it’s not really practical especially when traveling since the lens solution bottle requires some space in my luggage.

Simon Michel has come up with a great idea of combining contact lens storage and lens solution into one cool pen-like container. It features 2 caps on each side for separate storage. You can find 2 refillable cartridges inside that you can fill with lens solution. The dimension of this product has been carefully considered to match the diameter or contact lens (with addition of 2 millimeter).

Designer : Simon Michel

Lens Safe by Simon Michel

Lens Safe by Simon Michel

In order for the lens not to get stuck, the inside cap is designed to enable the lens to roll away. One cap is marked with R (right) to differentiate with the other.

Lens Safe features:

  • Lens care wherever you want
  • Two refillable cartridges
  • Pocket size
  • Separate storage of contact lense
  • Unobtrusive and interesting design

Lens Safe by Simon Michel

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3 thoughts on “Lens Safe by Simon Michel

  1. Lens Safe is indeed very helpful! I am a professional photographer and I'm suffering from astigmatism. I need to wear my contact lense most of the time. But with this equipment, both my eyes (naked and camera) are safe.

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