Street Legal G12H Electric Bike With A Range Up to 150 Miles

G12H is coming soon, it’s a street legal electric bike with a range up to 240km or 150 miles on a single charge. The company says that through Greyp G12H bike, they want to celebrate their passion for two wheels with others. The range and capacity would depend on the configuration of the bike but basically, it’ll be able to go up to 150 miles and capacity up to 3kWh. This is the premium street version that features top speed of 45km/h or 28mph, a perfect personal vehicle for every day commuting, it is also equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Supernova lights become the iconic look of G12H, they offer perfect fusion between quality and design, including custom made pannier rack that gives a unique look for street legal version. The premium finish also reflects strong personality of that celebrated G12S. There’s a refined biometric sensor that can be used to activate the bike, the system can also be programmed to deploy distinctive riding modes for different riders.

Designer : Greyp

Street Legal Greyp G12H Motorcycle

Street Legal Greyp G12H Motorcycle

Street Legal Greyp G12H Motorcycle

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