Draw A Picture To Make A Call With Depict Phone

DEPICT is an innovative phone from which a user can make calls by drawing an image or writing a word on the touch screen. This phone employs an innate interface and easy steps so that natives who are unfamiliar with digital devices can use it hassle-free without having to memorize any phone numbers. The system recognizes the image or the word the user draws and links it to the intended person’s phone number. The user need not keep track of all the phone numbers in mind anymore. This novel paradigm for making calls would be useful especially for natives in the older generation, who may not be familiar with digital devices. DEPICT can as well be used in offices conveniently to make conference phone calls.

Designer : Jang Jaeho

Depict Phone

Depict Phone

Depict Phone

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2 thoughts on “Draw A Picture To Make A Call With Depict Phone

  1. Let me get this straight. So you just write the intended person's name and it just calls that person right away. Sounds simple enough. How many Lucases (or whatever the hell the plural is) in the world do you think there are? Which damn Lucas are you trying to call? "THAT" Lucas? The other Lucas? Any one of the thousands in f**king California alone? What if you're blind? At least BUTTONS allow for braille, but not this! What if you want to call someone but don't know their name? What if you misspell their name? This is not a very practical way to make a phone call!

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