Kopus Design Teamed Up with Gochic Bicycle to Design Yee Bike

Yee Bike, the word Yee is derived from Chinese homophonic “一”, the symbol of a man-bicycle connection. This concept bike is the result of collaboration between Kopus Design and Gochic bicycle, it’s available in limited edition of 100 units. The body design was inspired by renowned Millau Viaduct bridge of France, the silhouette features a top tube that extends into a basket holder. This bike offers a stylish vehicle for city riding.

Yee’s frame is handmade from high quality of molybdenum steel, it’s chosen because if offers nice balance to weight and rigidity without sacrificing the degree of rustproofing, in fact, it enhances the visual appeal. The frame is coated using the same paint used on Ferrari’s models and for the transmission system, it uses a carbon composite belt drive from American manufacturer Gates. These belts are three times more durable than conventional chain belts, they can last up to 10 years without any oil maintenance while still providing you with quiet and smooth ride.

Designers : Ken Liu & Koma Yang

Yee Bike by Ken Liu & Koma Yang

Yee Bike by Ken Liu & Koma Yang

Yee Bike by Ken Liu & Koma Yang

Yee Bike by Ken Liu & Koma Yang

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